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Bahrain Steel Achieves Record Iron Ore Pellet Production in 2021

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
24 Jan, 2022, 4:47 am

Leading producer of iron-ore pellets Foulath Holding’s Bahrain Steel has registered a record production of 12 million tonnes of iron-ore pellets in 2021. Record production was achieved by meticulous strategic planning and supported by strong collaborations with the Bahraini group’s supply chain partners including a watershed agreement signed in 2019, when production stood at 8 million tonnes per annum, with Anglo American Marketing Limited

This strategic 20-year agreement secured a majority of Bahrain Steel’s required pellet feed for full production capacity at 12 million tonnes, ensuring uninterrupted delivery to its customers which include some of the world’s leading steel producers across the Middle East and North Africa, Europe, North America, Malaysia, South Korea and China, among others.

Bahrain Steel, located in the Kingdom of Bahrain in Middle East, is a leading producer of high-grade iron-ore pellets. Its twin plants have a combined rated capacity of 12 million tonnes of pellets a year.
Belgo Bekaert 3D-Prints Pulley Using Wire Arc Deposition

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
24 Jan, 2022, 4:50 am

ArcelorMittal and Bekaert Group’s Brazilian wire joint venture is testing the production of a pulley for steel drawing equipment through a 3D printer at its Contagem plant in Minas Gerais state of Brazil. The project has been developed with CIT Senai Innovation and Technology Center and its prototype can be printed in 24 hours using the Mada process, Additive Manufacturing by Arc Deposition. Based on a three-dimensional model created on the computer, and using high quality steel wire, it was possible to reach a result that presents the same technical specifications of the part made by the conventional method. The Mada process employs a new approach to the manufacture of parts, with cost reductions and other advantages. In comparison with other traditional processes for the manufacture of parts, already established, Mada improves competitiveness and generates new approaches to the manufacturing chain as a whole.

The project aims to quickly print specific, single-use steel parts or products that usually would take days to produce. Using a high-quality steel wire and a computer tridimensional model, it successfully printed a product with the same technical specifications as if it had produced it the conventional way. It will be tested by Belgo Bekaert itself, at the Contagem plant, in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte.

Since 2016 Belgo Bekaert has invested in research and 3D printing projects that use steel wire as raw material. In conjunction with the Federal University of Uberlandia UFU, Belgo Bekaert has already carried out a survey of the physical and metallurgical properties of a wide range of wires intended for 3D printing. The first steel part printed by this technique in Brazil was developed with Belgo wire for Petrobras, in partnership with the Federal University of Uberlandia, consolidating the potential for developing products with high resistance.
SeAH Besteel to Split into Unlisted Special Steel Business Unit

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
24 Jan, 2022, 4:53 am

South Korean special steel maker SeAH Besteel Corp will split into a holding entity spearheading new growth engines and a business unit focusing on special steel manufacturing operations to better respond to rapidly changing business landscape. It plan to break into, tentatively named, SeAH Besteel Holdings Corp and SeAH Besteel Corp by 1 April 2022. The demerger will make SeAH Besteel Holdings the existing, publicly traded company, and business operation unit a newly established unlisted subsidiary. The company will seek final approval from shareholders at the general shareholders meeting on March 25.

SeAH Besteel Holdings will work as the intermediary holding company under SeAH Holdings Corp, to lead the group’s strategy in special steel manufacturing businesses SeAH Besteel, SeAH Changwoon Integrated Special Steel, and SeAH Aerospace & Defense as well as seek growth opportunities in new areas, including electric vehicle parts and aerospace.

The newly established business unit with the same nameplate passed down will maintain existing operation of manufacturing specified steel products, such as H-beam and alloy steel.
Borusan Mannesmann Buys Land for Steel Pipe Plant in Ploiesti

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
24 Jan, 2022, 5:05 am

Turkish steel pipes manufacturer Borusan Mannesmann has paid EUR 805,000 for a land plot in Romania's southern city of Ploiesti, where it plans to build a steel pipe plant. The acquisition was made through the company's subsidiary in Romania, Borusan Tube Products, Borusan Mannesmann

The company announced in June that it plans to build an USD 8 million plant in Romania.

Part of the Borusan Group, Borusan Mannesmann operates seven plants across three continents and employs 2,038. The company merged its operations with European steel and technology firm Salzgitter Mannesmann GmbH in 1998.
British Steel Rails to Keep North Yorkshire Moors Railway Running

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
24 Jan, 2022, 5:07 am

Nearly 300 tonnes of British Steel’s Scunthorpe rail are set to be installed at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, helping keep services running at the heritage line. In the mid-1960s after its closure, NYMR bought the line from British Railways between Pickering and Grosmont and has maintained the track and other assets ever since. During this time, British Steel has supplied a range of high-quality rails including bullhead rails for use at the Deviation Curve near Grosmont, flat bottom rails for bridge renewals at Goathland and now 290 tonnes of 54E1 flat bottom rails for the track from Kingthorpe to Farwath. The installation work will be carried out early this year by a small group of trained NYMR staff and volunteers in readiness for the return of visitors.

The railway, which was built in the 1830s, runs through glorious countryside and the 18 miles of the route owned by NYMR and 6 miles between Grosmont and Whitby owned by Network Rail are a popular tourist attraction offering visitors the exciting opportunity to climb on board a heritage steam or diesel train.

The latest section of the track to benefit from new rail runs from Kingthorpe to Farwath. It’s a very remote section of the railway with almost no public access and is in a heavily forested area.
Essar Capital Appoints Mr AK Chaudhary as CEO of Metals & Mining

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
24 Jan, 2022, 5:10 am

Essar Global Fund Ltd’s investment manager Essar Capital Ltd announced the appointment of Mr Anil Kumar Chaudhary as Group Chief Executive Officer for the Metals & Mining vertical. He will be the member of the Executive Committee, and will play a key role in driving the investment strategy and growth in the Metals & Mining Vertical, domestically and globally.

Mr. Chaudhary was formerly the Chairman of Steel Authority of India Limited and has been the Chairman of International Coal Ventures Ltd and mjunction services Ltd. He had also been the President of Steel Research and Technology Mission of India. Currently, he is the Chairman of Minerals and Metals Committee of PHDCCI.

Essar Capital’s Metals and Mining Vertical is committed to deliver greener solutions that focus on providing pellets. The Vertical is at an advanced stage of developing and executing projects in India and the US. In addition to that, the Vertical is foraying into iron and steel making, both in India and in the Middle East region.
Responsible Steel Welcomes POSCO as Steelmaking Member

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
24 Jan, 2022, 5:12 am

Responsible Steel reported that leading South Korean steel maker POSCO has joined Responsible Steel as it aims to increase the sustainability of the company and contribute to the sustainable development of society as a global steel company. Posco is the 6th largest steelmaker in the world and the largest in South Korea, producing over 40 million tonnes of steel in 2020. Founded in the 1960s, POSCO now has over 36,000 employees and global operations.

ResponsibleSteel was launched to help steel producers answer the sustainability concerns of their customers. It is a member-based not-for-profit organization, with membership open to every stage of the steel supply chain. Using an independent certification standard for products and sites, the initiative enables producers to promote steel as the responsible material of choice.

Membership categories

Business Organizations - Steelmakers, raw material suppliers and downstream users

Civil Society & Social & Environmental Organizations with social or environmental missions and trade unions

Associates, governmental organizations, trade associations, standards bodies, conformity assessment bodies and academic institutions.
Hoa Phat Achieves Steel Sales of 8.8 Million Tonnes in 2021

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
24 Jan, 2022, 5:14 am

Vietnamese steel maker Hoa Phat Group’s sales of steel products reached 799,000 tonnes In December 2021, up 14% YoY. In which, the sale of finished construction steel was 353,000 tonnes, representing 10 per cent year-on-year increase. Construction steel exports in December continued to achieve high output with nearly 94,000 tonnes, increasing 59% YoY. Hot rolled coil steel sale reached 217,000 tonnes. The remaining sale was steel billet, steel pipe and galvanized sheet.

The group has supplied to the market a total of 8.8 million tonnes of steel in 2021 including steel billet, construction steel, HRC, steel pipe and corrugated iron, up 35% YoY. In terms of products’ proportion, construction steel and HRC contributed mainly to the sales volume. Construction steel recorded 3.9 million tonnes, increasing 14% YoY and contributing 44% of total steel output of all kinds. HRC reached 2.6 million tonnes, tripled in 2020 and contributing 28% of total output. In addition, galvanized steel products in 2021 exceeded the design capacity for the first time when reaching 428,000 tonnes.

Export activities made an important contribution to output in 2021. For the first time, exports of steel billet and construction steel recorded 2.3 million tonnes. The main export markets are Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea & China. Galvanized steel products also had a brilliant export year when reaching 297,000 tonnes, contributing 69% of the total amount of Hoa Phat’s steel sheet supplied to the market.

With a capacity of over 8 million tons a year, Hoa Phat Group is the largest steel producer in Vietnam. Hoa Phat Group continues to hold the No. 1 position in Vietnam in terms of market share for construction steel and steel pipes. Hoa Phat steel sheet is in the Top 5 enterprises holding the largest market share in the country. Hoa Phat Group is also the only Vietnamese enterprise that can produce HRC.

From 2022, the group will implement the Hoa Phat Dung Quat 2 Steel Integrated Complex project, with a yearly capacity of 5.6 million tonnes. It is expected that when completed in 2025, Hoa Phat's steel output will reach about 14 million tonnes a year, reaching the Top 30 largest steel enterprises in the world.
thyssenkrupp Uhde Desulphurization Plant for ArcelorMittal Belgium

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
24 Jan, 2022, 5:17 am

ArcelorMittal Belgium has awarded thyssenkrupp Uhde an order for a desulphurization plant to be installed at its Ghent site. Main aim of this brownfield project is to enhance the existing coke oven gas treatment plant with a state-of-the art sulphur removal and recovery unit. thyssenkrupp Uhde will install its proprietary processes CYCLASULF for desulphurization as well as the MONOCLAUS® for a highly efficient sulphur recovery. The new units are planned to go into operation in July 2023.

As in all brownfield projects, specific requirements had to be met. In this case, the existing gas treatment unit also required a new back-up system for the existing part. thyssenkrupp Uhde was able to offer a smart solution which links existing and new process trains of the CYCLASULF process. This well-established, advanced solution for coke oven gas desulphurization removes hydrogen sulfide and ammonia (NH3) from coke oven gas very efficiently. The acid gas stream is concentrated and prepared for further processing, either to sulphur or sulphuric acid. In Ghent, elemental sulphur will be recovered. Modern mass transfer elements significantly reduce the size of the required equipment, keeping the footprint low.

The same is true for the state-of-the-art MONOCLAUS® process for sulphur recovery and ammonia decomposition. It enables the production of liquid pure sulphur utilizing a minimum number of equipment and pipelines compared to conventional Claus plants, which results in a very compact arrangement and footprint. By realizing this new back-up plant, ArcelorMittal Ghent will be able to operate a low-emission desulphurization plant during maintenance or inspection shutdowns, effectively replacing the former recovery plant which had a lower desulphurization capacity.

The original coke plant was built by thyssenkrupp Uhde’s coke plant specialists 25 years ago, then under the name of Thyssen Still Otto company.
H2GS to Supply Green Steel to Purmo Group

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
24 Jan, 2022, 5:19 am

Leading supplier of indoor-climate comfort solutions in the EU Purmo Group has signed a contract with Sweden's H2 Green Steel to develop low-C02 steel production. The cooperation is expected to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. Purmo Group entered into a non-binding agreement with H2GS for steel supply on January 18. Under the contract, H2GS will supply 140,000 tonnes of steel sheets in the period of 2024-2031 for the production of steel-panel radiators

H2 Green Steel has already signed contracts for the supply of its green steel with major car producers as BMW Group and Mercedes-Benz, cold-rolled flat steel producer Bilstein Group and automotive and Industrial supplier Schaeffler

H2 Green Steel is constructing 5 million tonnes per year fossil-free steel operations at Boden in Northern Sweden valued at around EUR 2.5 billion with the expected production start in 2024.
Tata Steel Starts CBM Injection Trial in E BF at Jamshedpur

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
24 Jan, 2022, 5:22 am

Tata Steel has initiated trial for continuous injection of coal bed methane gas in E blast furnace at its Jamshedpur Works, making it the first steel company in the world to inject CBM in blast furnace. The technology, design, and development of the entire system at blast furnace for facilitating CBM injection was done by the in-house team of Tata Steel. The process is expected to reduce coke rate by 10 kg/thm, which will be equivalent to reducing 33 kg of carbondioxide per tonne of crude steel. The trial will take place over the next few weeks.

This trial will help in quantification of the reduction in coke rate used in the blast furnace and its impact on productivity. These insights will be used to design a framework for future sustainable operations of blast furnaces with greener fuels containing more hydrogen.

CBM primarily contains 98 per cent of methane along with trace amounts of other gases, extracted from underground coal reservoirs.
POSCO, Samsung C&T & PIF to Promote Green Hydrogen Project

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
24 Jan, 2022, 5:25 am

South Korean steel giant POSCO has signed a tripartite MOU on the enhancement of green hydrogen project collaboration with Samsung C&T and PIF as the main event at the Saudi Arabia-Korea Investment Forum for Smart Innovation & Growth in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Posco’s Head of Industrial Gases & Hydrogen Business Unit Mr Byeong-og Yoo said “Saudi Arabia, which can produce new and renewable energy at the lowest prices in the world, is an important region to POSCO, which is planning to produce large amounts of hydrogen. We will successfully establish a hydrogen production model in Saudi Arabia and take an early lead in the hydrogen business.”

The three companies will co-promote the green hydrogen production project based on new and renewable energy in Saudi Arabia through this MOU. First, they will select an economically ideal business site and complete a feasibility review this year. Then, they have promised to enhance strategic collaboration for expanding the hydrogen project value chain and vitalizing the hydrogen economies of both countries by utilizing the capabilities of the three companies.

PIF is one of a handful of large-scale sovereign wealth funds globally, with current investment assets reaching KRW 570 trillion. It is the partner that executed the large-scale equity investment in POSCO E&C, an affiliate of POSCO Group, in 2015. PIF has continued to collaborate with POSCO Group, and the synergy effect is expected to increase through this project.

Also, in November of last year, POSCO and Samsung C&T concluded a master service agreement for green hydrogen projects, including the construction of infrastructure for the development of overseas green hydrogen production facilities and hydrogen storage and introduction, and the development of technologies related to liquid hydrogen.

Meanwhile, POSCO is promoting hydrogen projects with the vision of jumping into the ranks of the global top 10 players in hydrogen production by producing a total of 7 million tons of hydrogen in 2050. In the mid-term, POSCO will invest KRW 10 trillion to establish a 500,000-ton hydrogen production system by 2030. To this end, it is spurring the internalization of the core technologies required to establish a global hydrogen supply chain and secure a competitive edge over the top 7 strategic countries.
JSW Steel Reports 8% QoQ Surge in Production in Oct-Dec Quarter

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
24 Jan, 2022, 5:27 am

JSW Steel Limited has reported its results for the Third Quarter ended 31st Dec, 2021. During the Quarter, JSW Steel reported Crude Steel Production of 4.41 million tonnes, an increase of 8% QoQ led by an increase in average capacity utilization to 94% from the existing operations and production of 0.18 million tonnes from the recently commissioned Dolvi Phase-2 expansion. Sales of Saleable Steel for the quarter was 4.00 million tonnes, higher by 6% QoQ, led by a 29% increase in domestic sales, driven by demand from automotive, solar and appliance sectors. Exports were moderated to 15% of sales during the Quarter vs. 30% of sales in Q2 of FY2022. The quarterly EBITDA margin of 23.6% was lower QoQ primarily due to elevated prices of coking coal and higher power cost while domestic Iron ore prices during the Quarter softened in line with global indices, partly offsetting the cost increase.

Standalone Performance for Q3 FY2022

Crude Steel production: 4.41 million tonnes, up 8% QoQ

Saleable Steel sales: 4.00 million tonnes, up 6% QoQ

Sale of Flat Products: 3.00 million tonnes, up 15% QoQ

Sale of Long Products: 0.88 million tonnes, down 7% QoQ

Sale of Semis: 0.12 million tonnes, down 47% QoQ

Revenue from Operations: INR 28,850 crores, down 47% QoQ

Quarterly Operating EBITDA: INR 6,797 crores, down 22% QoQ

Quarterly Net Profit after Tax: INR 3,424 crores, down 36% QoQ

JSW Steel Coated Products (Consolidated)

During the quarter, JSW Steel Coated Products, including its subsidiaries, registered production volume (GI/GL + Tin) of 0.73 million tonnes and a sales volume of 0.77 million tonnes. Revenue from Operations and Operating EBITDA for the quarter stood at INR 7781 crores and INR 570 crores, respectively. It reported a Profit after Tax of INR 346 crores for the quarter.

Bhushan Power & Steel Ltd

BPSL became a subsidiary with effect from 1st October 2021, as JSW Steel increased its stake in BPSL to 83.28% from 49% earlier on conversion of OFCD's. During the quarter, BPSL registered Crude Steel Production of 0.64 million tonnes and Sales volume of 0.58 million tonnes. Exports accounted for 36% of the sales mix. Revenue from Operations and Operating EBITDA for the quarter stood at INR 5,083 crores and INR 1,547 crores, respectively. It reported a Profit after Tax of INR 1,018 crores for the quarter.

JSW Steel USA Ohio Inc

During Q3 FY2022, the EAF-based operations at Ohio produced 180,112 net tonnes of Crude Steel, reporting an increase in average capacity utilization to 50%. Sales volumes for the quarter stood at 74,721 net tonnes of Slabs and 92,557 net tonnes of HRC. It reported an EBITDA of USD 42.12 million for the quarter compared to Q2 of FY2022 EBITDA of USD 48.28 million.

US Plate & Pipe Mill:

The Plate & Pipe Mill based in Texas USA produced 76,621 net tonnes of Plates and 1,261 net tonnes of Pipes. Sales volumes for the quarter stood at 66,573 net tonnes of Plates and 1,251 net tonnes of Pipes. It reported an EBITDA of USD 13.38 million for the quarter compared to Q2 FY2022 EBITDA of USD 13.16 million.

Italy Operations:

The Italy-based Rolled long products manufacturing facility produced 120,070 tonnes and sold 113,957 tonnes during the quarter. It reported an EBITDA loss of Euro 6.8 million for the quarter compared to an EBITDA of Euro 6.1 million in Q2 FY2022 due to certain onetime write-offs/ impairment charge.

Consolidated Performance for Q3 FY2022

Crude Steel Production

JSW Steel Standalone: 4.41 million tonnes

Bhushan Power & Steel Ltd: 0.64 million tonnes

JSW Steel USA Ohio: 0.16 million tonnes

JSW Ispat Special Products Ltd: 0.14 million tonnes

JSW Steel Indian Operations including Joint Control Entities: 5.19 million tonnes

Total Combined Volumes: 5.35 million tonnes

Saleable Steel sales

JSW Steel Standalone: 4 million tonnes

Bhushan Power & Steel Ltd: 0.58 million tonnes

JSW Steel USA Ohio: 0.15 million tonnes

JSW Ispat Special Products Ltd: 0.13 million tonnes

JSW Steel Indian Operations including Joint Control Entities: 4.72 million tonnes

Total Combined Volumes: 4.87 million tonnes

Revenue from Operations: INR 38,071 crores

Quarterly Operating EBITDA: INR 9,132 crores

Quarterly Net Profit after Tax: INR 4,516 crores
Nippon Steel to Acquire G Steel & GJ Steel in Thailand

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
24 Jan, 2022, 5:29 am

Japanese steel giant Nippon Steel will acquire shares in G Steel & GJ Steel in Thailand to make it subsidiaries after entering into a share purchase agreement with funds managed by Ares SSG, currently the largest indirect shareholder in G Steel & GJ Steel. As a result, NSC will also launch a tender offer for the remaining shares of G Steel & GJ Steel.

G Steel & GJ Steel are the only integrated flat steel producers in Thailand with facilities including electric arc furnaces and hot strip mills, supplying hot-rolled steel sheets for general purpose

G Steel Public Company Limited

Founded in1995 as Siam Strip Mil

EAF; LHF; Continuous Casters for middle thickness slabs; Hot rolling mill

Production capacity - 1.58 million tonnes

Sales Volume - 0.58 million tonnes

Revenue – THB 9,314 million

GJ Steel Public Company Limited

Founded in 1994 as Nakornthai Strip Mill

EAF; LHF; Continuous Casters for thin slabs; Hot rolling mill

Production capacity - 1.50 million tonnes

Sales Volume - 0.71 million tonnes

Revenue – THB 11,379 million
Rio Tinto Reports Decline in Production in 2021

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
24 Jan, 2022, 5:30 am

Rio Tinto has announced operational review for year ended 31 December 2021. Rio Tinto Chief Executive Mr Jakob Stausholm said “In 2021 we continued to experience strong demand for our products while operating conditions remained challenging, including due to prolonged COVID-19 disruptions. Despite this, we progressed a number of our projects, including the Pilbara replacement mines, underlining the resilience of the business and the commitment and flexibility of our people, communities and host governments. We are seeing some initial positive results from the implementation of the Rio Tinto Safe Production System, which we will significantly ramp up in 2022, as we continue to work hard to improve our operational performance to become the best operator.”

2021 Production

Pilbara iron ore shipments (100% basis) - 321.6 million tonnes, down 3% YoY

Pilbara iron ore production (100% basis) - 319.7 million tonnes, down 4% YoY

Bauxite - 54.3 million tonnes, down 3% YoY

Aluminium - 3.2 million tonnes, down 1% YoY

Mined Copper - 0.5 million tonnes, down 7% YoY

Titanium dioxide slag -1.0 million tonnes, down 9% YoY

IOC iron ore pellets & concentrate- 9.7 million tonnes, down 6% YoY
Producent van groene koolstof zint op beursgang in Amsterdam
Gijs den Brinker 23 jan   15:00

De Nederlandse producent van biologische koolstof Perpetual Next wil over drie jaar een notering aan de Amsterdamse beurs. Het bedrijf heeft daartoe de Amerikaanse zakenbank Jefferies in de arm genomen. Dat meldt het aan het FD.

Perpetual Next heeft zo'n honderd man in dienst en verwacht volgend jaar een verdubbeling van dit aantal. Het koopt op grote schaal gebruikt hout, voedselresten en andere biologische restproducten op en zet deze afvalstromen in eigen fabrieken om in biologische koolstof en groen gas. Het wil op termijn ook groene waterstof maken.

Perpetual Next verhit de biologische grondstoffen in ovens met zogeheten torrefactietechnologie, waardoor de sappen langzaam verdwijnen. Het residu perst het vervolgens tot pellets. Deze koolstofklompjes verkoopt Perpetual Next onder meer aan staalbedrijf ArcelorMittal, dat ze in zijn fabriek in Gent gebruikt bij de productie van staal.

Nieuwe fabriek in Delfzijl
Perpetual Next boekte vorig jaar een omzet van €21,5 mln. Dit jaar zal de omzet een stuk hoger liggen dankzij nieuwe fabrieken die de poorten openen.

Het bedrijf heeft buiten Nederland onder meer productielocaties in Engeland en Estland. Deze maand kreeg het de optie om een lap grond te pachten in het havengebied van Delfzijl. Het wil op deze locatie een fabriek bouwen voor groen gas uit afval. Ook zijn er plannen om een fabriek in de Verenigde Staten te starten.

Op basis van de groeiplannen verwacht Perpetual Next in 2025, het jaar waarin het naar de beurs wil, een omzet van €250 mln en een brutobedrijfsresultaat van €80 mln te behalen. Om de groeiambities in goede banen te leiden, heeft het bedrijf sinds kort een nieuwe bestuursvoorzitter.

Lees het volledige artikel:
Advies van UBS over Arcelor Mittal
Beurshuis UBS
Aandeel ArcelorMittal
Datum 24 januari 2022
Advies Kopen
Koersdoel 33,00 EUR

Detail advies
LONDON ( - Op 24 januari 2022 hebben de analisten van UBS hun beleggingsadvies voor ArcelorMittal (MT; ISIN: LU1598757687) herhaald. Het advies van UBS voor ArcelorMittal blijft "kopen".

Het koersdoel wordt door UBS verlaagd van 35,00 EUR naar 33,00 EUR.

Op 4 november 2021 publiceerde ArcelorMittal kwartaalcijfers.
MMK Boosts Efficiency of the Continuous Casting Machine No 5

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
25 Jan, 2022, 4:48 am

The first stage of modernization of the Continuous Casting Machine No 5 has been completed at the Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works electric steelmaking shop. These measures made it possible to reduce the duration of long scheduled preventive repairs, to increase the inter-repair interval of replacement equipment and boost the unit's productivity. A joint project was prepared for CCM No 5 modernization with the participation of technical specialists from MMK, Mekhanoremontny Kompleks LLC and SMC Zimag Metallurgical Service Magnitogorsk LLC. Following technical solutions selected to increase equipment reliability and its technical service life were chosen

1. Reinforcing surfacing of the working surface of the vertical, radial and curvilinear sections of CCM's rollers

2. Modernization of bearing units, using a new type of bearings with increased wear resistance and modern contact seals

3. Replacement of obsolete mounted drives of all roller sections of CCM by gearboxes of gear pump type, with a centralised supply of grease to the gearbox

Cladding of rollers, completion of bearing units, assembly and adjustment of the upgraded CCMZ sections were performed at CRMO-3 of MRK LLC, with the participation of the quality and engineering service and the design and engineering department of MRK LLC.

These modernization measures will allow reducing the duration of planned preventive maintenance from 952 to 490 hours per year. In the period from July to December 2021 the first operational campaign of the modernised sections of the radial section was carried out. The overhaul interval of the first campaign was 2,418 heats, which is twice as long as the durability of the sections before modernisation.

The continuous slab double strand caster No 5 was introduced in June 2006. The capacity of the machine is about 1.5 million tonnes of billets per year, with the supplier being Uralmash Metallurgical Equipment. During the operation of CCM No 5, due to its design features, it was not possible to reach the desired production threshold as well as the durability of the equipment to levels declared by the supplier. After the reconstruction of the 2500 hot-rolling mill at LPTs-4 of MMK PJSC, it became necessary to supply it with a large volume of slab billets at CCM-5 of the electric steelmaking shop. Therefore, in 2020 it was decided to modernize CCM-5 in order to increase its production by improving the reliability of its main components. The increase in the maintenance periods of CCM-5 is an important condition for achieving the stated annual capacity of the electric steelmaking shop. Thanks to the measures taken it became possible to reduce the duration of long scheduled preventive maintenance, increase the inter-repair interval of shift equipment and increase the productivity of the unit.

Total investments in this project amounted to 400 million rubles. The expected economic effect from the implementation of the project will be at least 323 million rubles per year, with a payback period of 1.3 years.
US Steel Production Capacity Utilization Slips below 82% in Week03

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
25 Jan, 2022, 4:52 am

American Iron & Steel Institute reported that in the week ending on January 22, 2022, US domestic raw steel production was 1,803,000 net tons while the capability utilization rate was 81.9%. Production was 1,736,000 net tons in the week ending January 22, 2021 while the capability utilization then was 76.6%. The current week production represents a 3.9%increase from the same period in the previous year. Production for the week ending January 22, 2022 is down 1.6% from the previous week ending January 15, 2022 when production was 1,833,000 net tons and the rate of capability utilization was 83.2%.

Broken down by districts, in thousands of net tons

North East: 168

Great Lakes: 634

Midwest: 201

Southern: 720

Western: 80

Total: 1803

Adjusted year-to-date production through January 22, 2022 was 5,704,000 net tons, at a capability utilization rate of 82.4%. That is up 4.5% from the 5,456,000 net tons during the same period last year, when the capability utilization rate was 76.6%.
EVRAZ Investing in ZSMK for Ultrasonic Quality Control of Rails

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
25 Jan, 2022, 4:56 am

Russian steel maker EVRAZ will launch unique installations for ultrasonic quality control of rails at ZSMK rolling mill. Five modern installations will be put into operation during 2022 to control surface and internal defects of rails at ZSMK rail and beam shop, as part of the project to modernize the non-destructive testing lines of 25 and 100-meter rails, Two installations of the ultrasonic pulsed mirror-shadow testing method have already been put into commercial operation at the LNK-25 and LNK-100 sites. They are designed to detect macrostructure defects in the area of the head and neck of rail products. These are the first installations in the world that, in addition to symmetrical profiles, can control non-symmetrical types of rails, such as pointed rails. The new equipment automatically saves the control protocol for each rail, which makes it possible to carry out end-to-end certification of each unit of production.

In addition, LNK-25 is currently undergoing commissioning tests of another unit designed to control surface defects in rails. The principle of operation of the equipment is based on the use of phased array technology with the possibility of electronically changing the angle of entry of the ultrasonic wave. The units will replace the existing eddy current testing systems, which could also test only symmetrical profiles. Modern equipment will make it possible to investigate different types of rails, including sharp-witted rails and European standard profiles. The most important advantage of the new installations is the ability to control the quality of all areas of the rail, and not just the tread surfaces of the head and base of the sole. A similar unit at LNK-100 will be installed in the 1st quarter of 2022.

By the end of 2022, LNK-100 is planning to put into operation another ultrasonic echo-pulse testing method using phased array technology, designed to test internal rail defects. It will also make it possible to control all standard sizes of rails manufactured by EVRAZ ZSMK.

EVRAZ is investing more than 440 million rubles in the modernization of equipment for non-destructive testing lines. The project will allow by 2023 to increase the rail production capacity to 1. 59 million tonnes per year, increase the productivity of the shop by reducing the time for setting up equipment when
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Vertraagd 20 mei 2022 17:37
Koers 27,400
Verschil +0,270 (+1,00%)
Hoog 28,055
Laag 27,315
Volume 5.260.394
Volume gemiddeld 6.240.365
Volume gisteren 5.301.535

Brussel real time stocks quotedata by Euronext. Other real time EU stocks, by Cboe Europe Ltd.; US stocks by NYSE & Cboe BZX Exchange, 15 min. delayed
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