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Leclanche (geen AMG maar wel lithium/ electrische energie opslag)

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"Leclanché announces more than 2.5 times increase in 2018 revenues: a record over the last 22 years- Revenue in 2018 is expected to be more than CHF 47 million, compared to CHF 18 million in 2017"
Ik heb ook 500 aandelen Leclanché, koers wil nog niet zo vlotten. Volgend jaar betere cijfers?
Gebaseerd op wat? Ik heb in het verleden in Leclange gzeten, maar vind ze vooral goed in lagere koersen neerzetten elke maand eerlijk gezegd.

De grote recessie komt eraan schreef op 19 december 2019 09:47:

Verwacht vanmiddag weer een hele mooie groene koers.

Das goed nieuws.

Huppeldepepup schreef op 19 december 2019 13:12:

Das goed nieuws.

Gezien de koers zou ik iemand met zo'n usernaam niet als adviseur aannemen...
Leclanché announces strategic company reorganization along with an Industrial Partnership Agreement with Eneris Group aiming at creating a leading European battery partnership

02 Jun, 2020, 06:00 BST

Eneris Group to make direct investments totaling up to CHF 95 million in two manufacturing JVs and a Technology License Agreement

Eneris to provide up to CHF 42 million in working capital loans and make investments in excess of CHF 53 million in a major capacity expansion programme in newly established Joint Ventures with majority ownership;
Leclanché grants a license to Eneris for further development and access to larger scale industrialization;
Material reduction for Leclanché in cash intensity of the business: reduced Operating and Capital expenses;
Worldwide business wins with combined order book exceeding CHF 90 million for delivery over years 2020 to 2021- excluding the St. Kitts project;
Establishing a Build-Own-Operate (BOO) projects business line for selected stationary projects with a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and/or Offtake Agreement with local customers;
Leclanché shall retain all customer contracts unchanged;
New Leclanché pivots to a green tech software and systems integration company using the competitive products manufactured at giga-scale in partnership with Eneris group

YVERDON-LES-BAINS, Switzerland, June 2, 2020 - Leclanché SA (SIX: LECN), one of the world's leading energy storage companies, today announced a strategic reorganization which will convert the company into a market oriented, research-driven, software and systems integration company with expanded production and R&D capabilities based on a partnership agreement with Eneris Group, a leading European cleantech player operating out of Poland, "the factory of Europe" and a key participant in the EU "Important Project for Common European Interest on batteries" programme.

Stefan Mueller, Chairman of the Board, said: "We are pleased with the comprehensive Strategic partnership agreements signed with Eneris Group. This can be a truly transformational partnership to create a market leader. We thank all our shareholders for their significant and patient investments since late 2006 in developing our Energy Storage Business based on in-house Lithium Cells and Systems. Our time has now come.

We are embarking on a strategic reorganization while recognizing the challenging current economic conditions due to COVID-19. The Board of Directors of the Company has decided to reorganize Leclanché's operating model as the current Business Units have reached a critical size in terms of personnel, revenue and customer contracts. The Board is of the firm view that the Company has solid fundamentals to deliver profitable growth based on a strong global order book, advances in proprietary high capacity cells and the adoption of a highly profitable build-own-operate model for our Stationary Business Unit.

The Board believes that the partnership with Eneris Group enables the Company to secure the funding and resources that will help the Company achieve its goal of becoming one of the full value chain energy storage market leaders.

On behalf of the Board, I would like to sincerely thank Mr. Artur Dela, Founder and CEO of Eneris Group, for his trust in Leclanché. We are looking forward to his entrepreneurial leadership and drive to support the success of both Companies.

I would also like to thank and congratulate Anil Srivastava, CEO of Leclanché, for securing the industrial investment partnership with Eneris Group. We are confident that he and his management team will expeditiously implement the strategic reorganization."

Artur Dela, Chairman of Eneris Group, said: "The mission of Eneris is 'clean air, soil and water, innovation protecting the environment.' The challenge of this century is to protect the planet. To protect the environment, we need to change our energy paradigm. The European "Green Deal" confirms this clear direction to our industries, scientists and financiers. Energy transition is our focus and energy storage is key to it, as demonstrated by our participation in EUs ICPEI program and now partnership with Leclanché.

The market needs adequate batteries for stationary energy storage to be associated with renewable energy sources and, in association with fuel cells, for eTransportation: buses, trucks, vessels, locomotives, heavy-duty machines, etc.

Leclanché has them. A 111-year old start-up, Leclanché is a pioneer in new generation batteries and a visionary focus on cleaner and more performant systems with no harmful liquids, higher energy density and more charging cycles. It has an important growth potential. The market demand for its products far exceeds its current manufacturing capacity, while its current advanced know-how needs to be further financed.

I am persuaded that various cooperation models and integration are key to succeeding in any new industry, and in particular, in sectors like energy storage which is highly competitive and capital intensive for R&D, large scale industrialisation and commercialization. Eneris's industrial base and its participation in the IPCEI consortium, together with Leclanché's know-how, will accelerate and reinforce our common development.

I am pleased Leclanché has accepted our proposal to join forces and I would like to personally thank the Board for its confidence and the management team led by Anil Srivastava for the hard work in completing a complex and far-reaching transaction in record time during this turbulent period."
Key features of this agreement include:

Eneris will provide Leclanché with working capital financing of up to CHF 42 million to fully fund the business plan through June 2021;

Licensing of Leclanché's technology to Eneris against payment of a royalty fee of up to CHF 32 million, according to an agreed-upon payment schedule. This licensing is non-exclusive on a right to use basis, with the freedom to carry out future developments. The licensing is applicable worldwide excluding the Republic of India;

Creation of two manufacturing Joint Ventures ("JV") in which Eneris will hold the majority of the share capital thanks to an investment in excess of CHF 53 million for a major capacity expansion programme: one in Germany for the production of cells and the other in Switzerland and Poland for the assembly of modules. A third is being considered for France. We expect these JVs to be formed over a period of time, in consultation with the relevant workers council and in accordance with applicable laws. About 135 production employees will be transferred to the JVs;

Leclanché will sign a production offtake agreement with Eneris in which Eneris will reserve the required production capacity for Leclanché in the coming years;

Leclanché will retain full ownership of its technology and will continue to invest in Research & Development (R&D) activities for cells, modules and Battery Management Systems (BMS).

Thanks voor de tip: koers doet +90% vandaag!
Koers zakte wel heel snel weer terug naar het oude niveau.
Laatste paar dagen wel elke dag weer stijging zonder noemenswaardig nieuws.
Wonderbaarlijk genoeg ben ik na die stijging in juni uitgestapt en op tijd weer ingestapt om deze rit te maken.

Volgens mij zijn er veel converteerbare obligaties uitgeoefend waardoor die koers weer in elkaar klapte destijds.

Ik hou ze deze ronde wel wat langer vast, zit er alleen nog met winst in, dus maakt mij niet uit hoe het loopt.
Zeer hoge volumes van de afgelopen dagen blijft wonderbaarlijk.
Vraag me af wat er speelt.
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