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Steinhoff een mooie kans

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  1. Aandeel123 27 april 2019 19:04

    bik schreef op 27 april 2019 12:26:

    Weer naar de 11,80.Lekker afblijven,die Yunk Yard Rommel......grr.
    En waar haal jij nu die 11,80 vandaan?
    Volgens mij zijn dromen nog steeds bedrog
  2. forum rang 4 bik 28 april 2019 12:36
    Tsja,Politieke Piekhaar.Ksie der nix in,kom nooit bij De Jumbo!!!
  3. Aandeel123 28 april 2019 13:58

    bik schreef op 28 april 2019 12:36:

    Tsja,Politieke Piekhaar.Ksie der nix in,kom nooit bij De Jumbo!!!
    Bik bedoelt
    11.80 per 100 stuks
  4. [verwijderd] 28 april 2019 15:02
    Bik, je hoeft er niks in te zien om toch mee te profiteren van de stijging richting cijfers.
    Brengen ze goed nieuws, dan kan het zo naar 18 a 20 cent.
  5. Michiel ICT 29 april 2019 14:09

    Polleke piekhaar schreef op 28 april 2019 15:03:

    Duidelijkheid. Dat zal bij veel speculanten belangrijk zijn om in te stappen.
    Het zijn juist de speculanten die er nu al in zitten.
    Als de duidelijkheid komt kunnen de beleggers er eindelijk in..
  6. ubu 29 april 2019 15:06
    Hopelijk bouwen ze hun shortpositie helemaal af:


    Amsterdam (www.aktiencheck.de) - Leerverkäufer Marshall Wace LLP baut Netto-Leerverkaufsposition in Aktien von Steinhoff nun ab:

    Die Leerverkäufer des Hedgefonds Marshall Wace LLP treten den Rückzug aus ihrem Short-Engagement in den Aktien des Möbelkonzerns Steinhoff International Holdings N.V. (ISIN: NL0011375019, WKN: A14XB9, Ticker-Symbol: SNH) an.

    Der von Ian Wace und Paul Marshall gegründete Londoner Hedgefonds Marshall Wace LLP hat am 24.04.2019 seine Shortposition in den Steinhoff-Aktien von 0,60% auf 0,57% gekürzt.

    Derzeit halten die Leerverkäufer der Hedgefonds noch folgende Netto-Leerverkaufspositionen in den Steinhoff-Aktien: 0,57% Marshall Wace LLP

    Insgesamt bestehen damit aktuell noch Netto-Leerverkaufspositionen in Höhe von mindestens 0,57% der Steinhoff-Aktien. Quoten unter 0,50% werden in unserer Berichterstattung als nicht meldepflichtig nicht berücksichtigt.
  7. [verwijderd] 29 april 2019 20:36
    SNH SHFF 201904290046A
    Update On Progress Of Financial Restructuring

    Steinhoff International Holdings N.V.
    (Incorporated in the Netherlands)
    (Registration number: 63570173)
    Share Code: SNH
    ISIN: NL0011375019

    Steinhoff Investment Holdings Limited
    (Incorporated in the Republic of South Africa)
    (Registration number: 1954/001893/06)
    JSE Code: SHFF
    ISIN: ZAE000068367


    Steinhoff International Holdings N.V. (the "Company" and with its subsidiaries, the "Group")


    In accordance with the Company's reporting obligations under paragraph (e) of clause 20 of
    the lock-up agreement between, among others, the Company, Steinhoff Europe AG ("SEAG"),
    Steinhoff Finance Holding GmbH ("SFHG"), Stripes US Holding, Inc. ("SUSHI") and certain
    creditors, dated 11 July 2018 (the "LUA"), please see below the monthly update on progress in
    connection with the corporate and capital restructuring of the Group's European business (the

    Defined terms used but not otherwise defined in this report shall have the same meaning as in
    the company voluntary arrangement in relation to SEAG (the "SEAG CVA") and/or the
    company voluntary arrangement in relation to SFHG (the "SFHG CVA") (as applicable and as
    the context dictates).

    This report should be read in conjunction with recent market announcements (available at
    www.steinhoffinternational.com/sens.php), including the most recent monthly update issued
    on 29 March 2019 (the "March Update").


    As previously reported:

    • The SEAG CVA and the SFHG CVA were both approved by significant majorities of their
    respective creditors and by their members at meetings held on 14 December 2018. The
    SEAG CVA documentation and SFHG CVA documentation can be downloaded at
    • To address certain of the grounds of challenge asserted by LSW GmbH ("LSW", a
    company claiming to be a creditor of SEAG) in LSW's application to challenge the
    SEAG CVA (the "Application"), SEAG and SFHG launched CVA Consent Request No. 2
    on 21 March 2019. CVA Consent Request No. 2 proposed certain amendments and
    modifications to the SEAG CVA, SFHG CVA and certain of the Restructuring
    Documents. The requisite majorities of creditors of SEAG and SFHG provided their
    consent to the proposed amendments set out in CVA Consent Request No. 2 and,
    accordingly, the SEAG CVA, the SFHG CVA and relevant Restructuring Documents
    have been amended and restated (and are available at www.lucid-is.com/steinhoff).
    • On 28 March 2019, SEAG and LSW agreed that the Application be dismissed on
    consensual terms, following which the parties filed with the Court, and the Court
    sealed, a Consent Order giving effect to that agreement.
    • In accordance with the consents provided pursuant to CVA Consent Request No. 1
    (and following the dismissal of the Application on consensual terms) the CVA Long-
    Stop Date has been extended to 31 May 2019. The approval of CVA Consent Request
    No. 1 consequently extended the Long-Stop Date as defined in and applicable to the
    Lock-Up Agreement to 31 May 2019.

    Further amendments to the SEAG CVA, SFHG CVA and certain Restructuring Documents

    As referred to in CVA Consent Request No. 1, as a consequence of events that have occurred
    since the approval of the SEAG CVA and the SFHG CVA, SEAG and SFHG consider that certain
    further amendments and modifications to the SEAG CVA, the SFHG CVA and certain of the
    Restructuring Documents are necessary (the "Omnibus Proposed Amendments").

    Whilst a number of the Omnibus Proposed Amendments are minor, technical or administrative
    in nature, certain of them will require the approval of the certain majorities of relevant
    creditors. SEAG and SFHG are in the process of finalising the Omnibus Proposed Amendments
    and it is anticipated that SEAG and SFHG will request the relevant consents by way of a
    separate CVA consent request in due course.

    It remains the objective of the Group to complete the Restructuring as soon as possible.

    Reconciliation of Lock-Up Fees, Lock-Up Early Bird Fees and Support Letter Consent Fees

    The Company has issued a guide which explains to creditors how their eligibility to receive fees
    under the Lock-Up Agreement and Support Letters will be reconciled and verified. Creditors
    and brokers are requested to review the guidance provided and to take the steps set out in
    the "Instructions to Creditors and Brokers – Fee Entitlements" guide which is available for
    download at www.lucid-is.com/steinhoff.

    KYC requirements

    The agents under the New Lux Finco 1 Loans and New Lux Finco 2 Loans have asked the
    Company to remind relevant creditors of SEAG and SFHG to provide their KYC Documentation
    (if applicable) to the relevant agent(s) as soon as possible to prevent any potential delay in
    receipt of Final Entitlements resulting from incomplete KYC processes. The relevant creditors of
    SEAG and SFHG should refer to the KYC notices issued by each of the agents under the New
    Lux Finco 1 Loans and the New Lux Finco 2 Loans which are available at www.lucid-
    is.com/steinhoff for further information.

    Head office liquidity

    The Company continues to actively monitor cash flows and manage other liabilities (including
    contingent claims, tax and bilateral facilities) as well as funding needs that may arise at the
    subsidiary level.


    On 15 April 2019, Conforama Investissement SNC and its subsidiaries (together, the "Conforama
    Group") completed its corporate and financial restructuring. The key terms of the restructuring,
    which included a total nominal value of €316m new money financing (including undrawn and
    conditional commitments) are set out in a presentation available on the Company's website
    april.pdf). The EUR50 million short-term bridge funding facility provided by the Group to
    Conforama in December 2018 for short-term working capital support was repaid as part of the
    implementation of the financial restructuring.


  8. [verwijderd] 29 april 2019 20:36
    As announced on 2 April 2019, the Company and investment group VEB/European Investors
    have agreed to extend the suspension of the collective action between them in The
    Netherlands until 15 May 2019. Please refer to the full announcement for further information.

    Separately, as announced on 21 February 2019, the Company has received a petition by a
    group of shareholders for inquiry proceedings before the Enterprise Chamber of the
    Amsterdam Court of Appeal (the "Enterprise Chamber"). The petition includes a request to
    appoint an Investigator as well as an additional member of the Supervisory Board of the
    Company whose role will include oversight that information is provided to shareholders
    adequately and in the context of any inquiry to be ordered by the Enterprise Chamber. A
    hearing is scheduled to take place on 23 May 2019.

    Financial statements

    As announced on 5 April 2019, whilst substantial progress has been made towards finalising the
    Company's financial statements for financial years 2017 and 2018, incorporating the outputs
    from the PwC forensic investigation have proved to be exceptionally complex and time
    consuming from both an accounting and audit perspective. In light of this, and despite
    significant efforts being exerted by all parties, the Company now estimates that it will publish
    its consolidated financial statements on the following dates:

    • 2017 financial results – 7 May 2019
    • 2018 financial results – 18 June 2019

    This revised timetable is also expected to impact the timing of the release of the unaudited
    2019 interim results, currently scheduled for 28 June 2019. The Company will update the market
    with a new date in due course.

    Please refer to the full announcement for further information.

    Update on Group governance

    As announced on 5 April 2019, the Company is in the process of developing a remediation
    plan under the auspices of the Supervisory Board. As part of this, an initial project plan has
    been produced and a new position of Chief Compliance and Risk Officer has been created;
    Louis Strydom has been appointed to this role with effect from 1 July 2019. Please refer to the
    full announcement for further information.

    On 11 April 2019, Alexandre Nodale, stepped down from his roles as the Company's Deputy
    CEO and member of the Management Board by mutual agreement with the Company's
    Supervisory Board. Following the financial restructuring of the Conforama Group, Alexandre
    has also stepped down from his role as CEO of the Conforama Group with the appointment
    of Helen Lee Bouygues as Chairman and Cédric Dugardin as CEO. Alexandre remains
    available to support an orderly transition of his responsibilities at the Company and Conforama
    Group level. The Company would like to thank Alexandre for his commitment to the Group
    and his contribution to the Management Board since his appointment on 19 December 2017,
    while retaining his operational responsibilities as CEO of the Conforama Group.

    The post of Deputy CEO was created in the aftermath of the discovery of accounting
    irregularities at the Group in late 2017. With the financial restructuring of the Group entering its
    final stages, and with Louis du Preez in post as permanent CEO with effect from 1 January 2019,
    the Group does not expect to appoint a new Deputy CEO to its Management Board.

    As previously reported, the onboarding process between the Group and the nominees
    identified for the Newco 3 board and the boards of the key intermediate holding companies
    (in addition to the two directors nominated by the Company, Louis du Preez and Theodore de
    Klerk) in the SEAG group is ongoing. The Group expects to announce the candidates publicly
    prior to the Restructuring Effective Date.

    Current management priorities

    The key priorities for the management team currently include:

    • Obtaining consent to the amendments and modifications to the SEAG CVA and the
    SFHG CVA ahead of launch of the implementation process and otherwise planning for
    the implementation of the Restructuring;
    • Working with the nominees of the new management boards to assist their
    familiarisation process with the SEAG group and its restructuring;
    • Maintaining stability across the Group and managing the ongoing operations of the
    Group, including actively monitoring cash flows, supporting operating performance,
    managing other liabilities and funding needs that arise at the operating company
    • Finalising the 2017 and 2018 Annual Financial Statements;
    • Continuing to consider the contents of the PwC report and to progressing various
    actions as appropriate together with the roll out of the Remediation Plan;
    • Monitoring and defending any litigation claims brought against the Group and
    identifying and pursuing recoveries where available; and
    • Engaging with the wider stakeholder group and regulators.

    Shareholders and other investors in the Company are advised to exercise caution when
    dealing in the securities of the Group.

    JSE Sponsor: PSG Capital
    Stellenbosch, 29 April 2019
  9. [verwijderd] 29 april 2019 20:41
    De Steinhoff-soap lijkt tot een apotheose te gaan komen.
    Belangrijk is dat de herstructurering meer en meer lijkt te gaan lukken en dat de stabiliteit van de groep de volste aandacht heeft.
    De koers is inmiddels opgelopen naar €0,128
    Go Steinie!
  10. Aandeel123 30 april 2019 09:56

    Polleke piekhaar schreef op 29 april 2019 20:56:

    Er komen mooie maanden aan wat het Steinhoff aandeel betreft is mijn verwachting.
    Wat verwacht je ?
  11. Smakkie 30 april 2019 10:15
    Gaat hard nu. Cijfer 2017 zijn overigens niet zo interessant. 2018 zijn veel belangrijker. Ben er klaar voor. Handel niet meer en blijf zitten op mijn stukken.
  12. forum rang 10 DeZwarteRidder 30 april 2019 11:33

    Smakkie schreef op 30 april 2019 10:15:

    Gaat hard nu. Cijfer 2017 zijn overigens niet zo interessant. 2018 zijn veel belangrijker. Ben er klaar voor. Handel niet meer en blijf zitten op mijn stukken.
    De cijfers over 2017 zijn van groot belang voor het vaststellen van het eigen vermogen.

    De cijfers over 2018 zijn van belang voor het vaststellen van de winstcapaciteit voor de toekomst.
  13. Smakkie 30 april 2019 12:41
    Eigen vermogen 2017 niet zo belangrijk in vergelijk 2018. En balans is niet schoon. Die van 2018 wel, denk ik.
17.282 Posts
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