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Audhumbla schreef op 1 februari 2021 17:30:


Dat noemen we: stilte voor de storm.
ha ha. Maar wat brengt de storm ons? Schade of een opgeklaarde lucht.
Was een beetje druk vandaag, aandeel is een dood paard maar er was wel wat nieuws:

Bayer Receives Approval in the UK for Xarelto (rivaroxaban) to Treat Children With Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) and to Prevent VTE Recurrence

Rivaroxaban is the first oral Factor Xa Inhibitor to be approved to treat children with VTE and to prevent VTE recurrence.1
Paediatric use of rivaroxaban is based on data from the phase III paediatric thromboembolism programme, EINSTEIN-Junior.2
Bayer has received approval for the use of its oral Factor Xa inhibitor Xarelto (rivaroxaban) to treat VTE and to prevent VTE recurrence in children from birth to below 18 years after at least 5 days of initial parenteral anticoagulation treatment, including catheter related thrombosis, cerebral vein and sinus thrombosis.1 The use of a new formulation and strength granules for oral suspension 1mg/ml was approved.1

Rivaroxaban is the first oral Factor Xa Inhibitor approved for paediatric treatment and secondary prevention of VTE. Paediatric VTE typically occurs in severely ill children who need frequent hospitalisations for extended periods of time, leading to these patients being at an increased risk of VTE.3,4

The approval follows a positive opinion from the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) of the European Medicines Agency in November 2020, which recommended approval in the European Union. This CHMP recommendation and approval also apply to the UK.

Dr Philip Connor, Paediatric Haematologist at Noah's Ark Children's Hospital for Wales, said: "this is great news for children and their parents in the UK. VTE in paediatrics is quickly becoming a well-recognised cause of significant morbidity and mortality in children as most children diagnosed with VTE have a serious underlying primary illness such as cancer.5 Paediatric patients now have a direct oral anticoagulant option that does not require regular injections or monitoring

"We are delighted that rivaroxaban is now approved for use in children with VTE and for the prevention of recurrent VTE in children in the UK. This provides physicians with an alternative treatment option and the ability to manage this potentially life-threatening condition in a vulnerable patient population group", said Brendon Gray, Medical Director at Bayer UK.

EU's push for vaccine supplies gets help from Bayer agreement
Tim Loh and Iain Rogers, Bloomberg News

Bayer AG agreed to produce CureVac NV’s experimental coronavirus vaccine to boost the rollout of a promising shot as European Union governments scramble for additional supplies to spur a plodding campaign.

The move won’t have an immediate effect, though it’s at least some good news for Europe after a week of chaos surrounding its program. The controversy escalated after the European Commission threatened curbs on vaccine exports -- sparking global anger -- in response to news that AstraZeneca Plc would miss delivery targets.

Bayer’s production effort extends its current pact with CureVac on regulatory clearance and global distribution, and will start to deliver at the end of the year. It follows commitments from fellow European pharma giants Sanofi and Novartis AG to put their manufacturing capacities behind scaling up Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE’s COVID-19 injection.

Large drugmakers bring an ability to boost supply that smaller developers lack, and companies are also under pressure to help as new variants threaten the efficacy of existing shots. Vaccines appear to offer the only way out of the pandemic, which has killed more than 2.2 million people worldwide.

“We will need vaccines beyond the summer,” German Health Minister Jens Spahn said at a press conference Monday. “It’s possible that due to mutations we cannot yet predict today, vaccines will have to be adjusted and changed. The mRNA technology makes it possible to do that relatively quickly.”

Chancellor Angela Merkel will hold crisis talks with pharmaceutical executives, regional German leaders and European Commission officials Monday. The video call in Berlin comes after Ursula von der Leyen, the commission president, announced that Astra will deliver 9 million additional vaccine doses to the EU in the first quarter.

The commission is expected to double down on Monday that a vaccination target of 70 per cent of Europeans by summer is achievable, but only if drugmakers deliver on promised commitments, according to an official familiar with the matter.

The Astra debacle highlights how tenuous such commitments are. It triggered a crisis on Jan. 22 when it said that problems at a plant in Belgium meant deliveries of doses this quarter would be significantly curtailed.

The episode devolved into a bruising blame game that pitted the 27-nation EU against the pharmaceutical industry, and triggered fears about a wave of vaccine nationalism that could hinder efforts to fight the pandemic.

Bayer’s Stefan Oelrich, who heads the company’s pharmaceuticals unit, said talks with the German government helped convince it to consider producing a vaccine -- even though it’s never done so before.

“We have the necessary ability” thanks to experience making biotech products, Oelrich said. Bayer expects to be able to produce 160 million doses of CureVac’s vaccine next year by harnessing its factory in Wuppertal, near Duesseldorf.

Bayer shares rose 1.1 per cent in Frankfurt trading.
CureVac’s shot is still being tested in a late-stage trial, but Spahn has said that the shot could gain approval as soon as March. The product is a messenger RNA vaccine similar to the ones from fellow German firm BioNTech -- which partnered with Pfizer -- and Moderna Inc. Those shots were the first approved in Europe and elsewhere, and demonstrated about 95 per cent effectiveness in trials.


dank @Anton78,

dit soort positieve berichten moeten het aandeel toch iets in beweging kunnen zetten.
Of kijkt de markt alleen maar naar de Roundup kwestie. Dan kunnen we nog wel even wachten.
Misschien dat goede bedrijfsresultaten de zaak vooruit kunnen helpen.

stockholder schreef op 1 februari 2021 18:27:


ha ha. Maar wat brengt de storm ons? Schade of een opgeklaarde lucht.
Na regen komt... :-)

stockholder schreef op 1 februari 2021 18:46:

dank @Anton78,

dit soort positieve berichten moeten het aandeel toch iets in beweging kunnen zetten.
Of kijkt de markt alleen maar naar de Roundup kwestie. Dan kunnen we nog wel even wachten.
Misschien dat goede bedrijfsresultaten de zaak vooruit kunnen helpen.
Die Roundup kwestie gaat idd nog wel even duren, Bayer is vooral door aan het pakken met zijn healthcare divisie. Het velen goede nieuws aldaar heeft ons ruim boven de 50 gebracht. Boven de 54 werd er echter hard aan de rem getrokken en heeft men de koers nu rond de 50 geparkeerd. Zie geen korte termijn upward of downward triggers. Beetje saai zo.

Anton78 schreef op 2 februari 2021 00:55:


Die Roundup kwestie gaat idd nog wel even duren, Bayer is vooral door aan het pakken met zijn healthcare divisie. Het velen goede nieuws aldaar heeft ons ruim boven de 50 gebracht. Boven de 54 werd er echter hard aan de rem getrokken en heeft men de koers nu rond de 50 geparkeerd. Zie geen korte termijn upward of downward triggers. Beetje saai zo.
Geen korte termijn triggers Anton? :-) Wat dacht je van de jaarcijfers op de 24e? Of vind je dat lange termijn? :-))))
Nou ja geloof eigenlijk niet dat verwachtingen erg hoog zijn, denk ook niet dat er enorme verrassingen aan zitten te komen. Verwacht daar niet zo veel van.. maar we zien wel :-)
Heren dit is jaar 2021 uitzitten en daarna naar de 80.
Even lekker spculeren, ze gaan hen best doen voor een corona vaccinatie/medicijn. en de gemoederen voor bayer zijn daardoor weer wat gunstiger zeker in the USA.

Roundup kwestie zal halverwege 2021 wel ergens aan het licht komen en dan door naar de tacheettiggg!!!

ANALYSE-FLASH: JPMorgan belässt Bayer auf 'Neutral' - Ziel 53 Euro

NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) - Die US-Bank JPMorgan hat Bayer vor Zahlen zum Schlussquartal 2020 auf "Neutral" mit einem Kursziel von 53 Euro belassen. Das Ergebnis je Aktie (Core EPS) des Pharma- und Agrarchemiekonzerns dürfte ein wenig stärker gesunken sein als am Markt erwartet, während das operative Ergebnis (Ebitda) den Erwartungen entsprechen sollte, schrieb Analyst Richard Vosser in einer am Dienstag vorliegenden Studie. Die Markterwartungen für beide Kennziffern für 2021 dürften sich als etwas zu hoch erweisen und sinken, was die Aktie belasten könnte./gl/mis

Veröffentlichung der Original-Studie: 01.02.2021 / 19:40 / GMT Erstmalige Weitergabe der Original-Studie: 02.02.2021 / 00:15 / GMT-FLASH: JPMorgan belässt Bayer auf 'Neutral' - Ziel 53 Euro


BERNSTEIN RESEARCH belässt BAYER AG auf 'Outperform'

(dpa-AFX Analyser) - Das US-Analysehaus Bernstein Research hat Bayer auf "Outperform" mit einem Kursziel von 74 Euro belassen. Analyst Gunther Zechmann erhöhte in einer am Dienstag vorliegenden Studie seine Schätzungen für 2021, da er nun positiver für das Agrarchemiegeschäft gestimmt ist. Allerdings machten höhere Produkteinführungskosten im Pharmabereich den positiven Effekt wieder zunichte./gl/ag

Veröffentlichung der Original-Studie: 02.02.2021 / Uhrzeit

in Studie nicht angegeben / UTC Erstmalige Weitergabe der Original-Studie: 02.02.2021 / 00:00 / UTC

Nou u mag kiezen vandaag, kleine verschillen maar ik ga dan toch maar voor Bernstein..
Bayer Launches The Nutrient Gap Initiative to Expand Access to Vitamins and Minerals for 50 Million People Annually Worldwide by 2030
Primary Focus will be on Most Vulnerable – Pregnant Women and Children in Underserved Communities

Play Video
The Nutrient Gap Initiative will Expand Access to Vitamins and Minerals for 50 Million People Worldwide by 2030
The Nutrient Gap Initiative will Expand Access to Vitamins and Minerals for 50 Million People Worldwide by 2030

Overview of The Nutrient Gap Initiative (Graphic: Business Wire)

February 02, 2021 08:00 AM Eastern Standard Time
BASEL, Switzerland--(BUSINESS WIRE)--As a part of the company’s vision of “Health for All, Hunger for None,” Bayer is launching “The Nutrient Gap Initiative” which expands access to vitamins and minerals for underserved communities to help combat malnutrition. The program’s goal is to reach 50 million people in underserved communities per year by 2030 through direct action and in partnership with critical non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with a focus on intervention, education, and advocacy. The Nutrient Gap Initiative is the first program which will impact Bayer’s Consumer Health division sustainability commitment to enable access to everyday health for 100 million underserved people, by 2030.

Access to the right nutrients during the first 1,000 days of life – during pregnancy and through the first two years – is critical to a mother’s health as well as the healthy growth and development of a baby. Unfortunately, vitamin and mineral deficiencies are a major public health problem in underserved communities, with women and children being particularly vulnerable. Almost 50% of young women and adolescent girls in low- and middle-income countries have inadequate vitamin and mineral intakei and at least half of children worldwide under age 5 suffer from this deficiencyii. The consequences of vitamin and mineral deficiencies worsen gradually over time, resulting in significant health consequences across the lifespan and ultimately exacerbates the cycle of poverty.

“As a leader and expert in supplemental nutrition, we know how important these nutrients are to help ensure health for all, particularly for vulnerable populations who need it most, like underserved women and children,” said Heiko Schipper, President of the Consumer Health Division of Bayer AG and Member of the Board of Management. “Having a healthy baby is a concern for every parent and parent-to-be everywhere around the world and through The Nutrient Gap Initiative, we plan on creating programs that will help give babies the best start in life today and for generations to come.”

The company’s work will begin with a focus on pregnant women and babies, given they are among the most vulnerable and need even more support due to the impact of COVID-19. Preventing vitamin and mineral deficiencies early in pregnancy can help mitigate poor pregnancy outcomes, such as stunted growth and impaired neurological development, which lead to long-term health and economic consequences for individuals and societies. As the global leader in prenatal supplements, Bayer is committed to helping all parents and parents-to-be have a happy and healthy baby and is working with several partners to bring prenatal interventions to underserved communities:


Reaching up to 4 million underserved pregnant women and their babies annually with a daily Multiple Micronutrient Supplementation (MMS) intervention in partnership with global non-governmental organization Vitamin Angels and its partners. MMS is a formulation of essential vitamins and minerals that women need to help ensure their health, a healthy pregnancy, and a healthy baby. Programs will be implemented to ensure high adherence and acceptance by the population, and to encourage the inclusion of this prenatal intervention into regular local antenatal health services to help impact the first 1,000 days of life (during pregnancy and through the first two years). Interventions will begin in Indonesia, Mexico, the United States and Vietnam and will roll-out to other countries in subsequent years.
This partnership is in addition to the work Bayer is already doing to make vitamins and minerals more affordable and accessible around the world.

Developing a nutrition education curriculum with Vitamin Angels and other partners to empower healthcare professionals and pregnant women in underserved communities. This program will effectively introduce and scale MMS for pregnant women.
Our leading prenatal brand Elevit™, which is committed to helping more babies have a healthy start in life, has created “Every Beginning,” an initiative to build global awareness for prenatal nutrition deficiency and helping parents and parents-to-be connect through universal experiences and gain access to vital nutrients.
Advancing support for women and girls in driving their own healthcare in partnership with the White Ribbon Alliance. In Indonesia, programming will focus on health education focused on maternal anemia; in the United States, programming will focus on helping pregnant women and new moms confidently navigate the healthcare system, self-care practices and maternal nutrition.

Partnering with leading NGOs across sectors to launch a cross-industry collaboration to support the global movement around maternal health. The goal is to drive collective action and scale access of MMS. Currently, only 70% of low- and middle-income communities have access to iron-folic acid (IFA) during pregnancyi, which is no longer considered sufficient, based on recent World Health Organization guidelines. Through this work, Bayer will aim to help close this gap.
The Nutrient Gap Initiative begins immediately and will be focused on communities that need access to life-changing vitamins and minerals most, in keeping with our vision, “Health for all, Hunger for none.”

About Bayer

Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in the life science fields of health care and nutrition. Its products and services are designed to benefit people by supporting efforts to overcome the major challenges presented by a growing and aging global population. At the same time, the Group aims to increase its earning power and create value through innovation and growth. Bayer is committed to the principles of sustainable development, and the Bayer brand stands for trust, reliability and quality throughout the world. In fiscal 2019, the Group employed around 104,000 people and had sales of 43.5 billion euros. Capital expenditures amounted to 2.9 billion euros, R&D expenses to 5.3 billion euros. For more information, go to


Bayer reaches $2 billion deal over future Roundup claims

By Reuters Staff

(Reuters) - Bayer AG struck a $2 billion deal on Wednesday to resolve a class action of future claims relating to allegations that its widely used weedkiller Roundup causes cancer, according to U.S. attorneys.

Bayer has been struggling to finalize the settlement of claims that Roundup and other glyphosate-based herbicides cause cancer. Bayer inherited the business and the litigation as part of a $63 billion acquisition of Monsanto in 2018.

Wednesday’s deal proposes creating a class of future claimants who have been exposed to Roundup but who have not sued.

Bayer will provide $2 billion for an initial four-year period as compensation and to cover outreach and diagnostic assistance.

The company has said the weedkillers are safe and that studies and health regulators have deemed glyphosate is not carci


Bayer sluit deal van 2 miljard dollar in Roundup-kwestie
Gepubliceerd op 3 februari 2021 19:31 | Views: 65 | Onderwerpen: biotechnologie

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BAYER AG NA O.N. 02 feb
51,57 +0,62 (+1,22%)

EUR/USD 19:37
1,20 0,00 (-0,17%)

LEVERKUSEN (ANP/RTR) - De Duitse chemiereus Bayer heeft een overeenkomst gesloten ter waarde van 2 miljard dollar voor het afhandelen van toekomstige claims rond de onkruidverdelger Roundup, die kankerverwekkend zou zijn. Het bedrijf en advocaten die Amerikaanse consumenten vertegenwoordigen bereikten daarover een akkoord.

Bayer slaagde er eerder niet in een regeling te treffen. De deadline die een rechter in de VS eerder stelde verliep en daarmee dreigden opnieuw kostbare rechtszaken voor schadevergoedingen door mensen die zeggen ziek te zijn geworden door Roundup. Na die tegenvaller legde Bayer meer geld opzij om de kwestie op te lossen. Dat bedrag ging omhoog van 1,3 miljard naar 2 miljard dollar.

Bayer kreeg de kwestie rond Roundup in zijn maag gesplitst als erfenis van de eerdere overname van het Amerikaanse Monsanto. Met die deal was in 2018 zo'n 63 miljard dollar gemoeid.


Bayer stelt de 2 miljard dollar ter beschikking voor een initiële periode van vier jaar als compensatie en om diagnostische hulp te dekken. Mensen die zijn blootgesteld aan Roundup en bij wie non-Hodgkin-lymfoom is vastgesteld, kunnen in aanmerking komen voor een schadevergoeding van maximaal 200.000 dollar.

Het bedrijf zelf heeft altijd gezegd dat de onkruidverdelger veilig is. Studies en gezondheidsautoriteiten hebben volgens Bayer geoordeeld dat glyfosaat, de werkzame stof in Roundup, niet kankerverwekkend is voor mensen. In onder andere Nederland is Roundup ook nog steeds te koop.

De huidige deal is ook bedoeld om tegemoet te komen aan eerdere zorgen van de federale rechter in San Francisco. Die zette vraagtekens bij de rechtmatigheid van een eerder plan. In juni bereikte Bayer een bredere schikking van 9,6 miljard dollar die een einde zou maken aan het grootste deel van de reeds aangespannen rechtszaken in de VS, waarin werd beweerd dat Roundup kanker veroorzaakt.

GANGISTERM schreef op 3 februari 2021 19:56:

Morgen skyrocket high!!!!

Wel beetje veel 2 miljard maartoch....
Het is veel geld inderdaad! Heeft iemand zicht op de open eindjes? Dat het goed nieuws is, is duidelijk. Welke hordes moeten nu nog genomen worden? Er was eerder een voorlopige deal van iets van 10 miljard toch? Wat is het verschil qua inhoud van de beide deals?
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