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POET Technologies Inc

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  1. Radikal 11 oktober 2023 14:31
    POET Technologies Collaborates with Yuanjie Semiconductor Technology for Laser Supply as the Company’s Optical Engines Enter Volume Production

    TORONTO, Oct. 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- POET Technologies Inc. (“POET” or the “Company”) (TSX Venture: PTK; NASDAQ: POET), the designer and developer of the POET Optical Interposer™ and Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) for the data center, telecommunication and artificial intelligence markets, today announced that it is collaborating with Yuanjie Semiconductor Technology Inc. (YST), a leading supplier of high-performance lasers. The collaboration will enable POET’s joint venture, Super Photonics Xiamen (SPX), to ramp optical engines to high-volume production utilizing YST’s lasers.

    “As we start ramping production of our optical engines, securing an additional reliable laser source that is well established in the industry with known good quality is of utmost importance to our business,” said Dr. Suresh Venkatesan, Chairman & CEO of POET. “Our partnership with YST has enabled POET and SPX to deliver reliable, high-performance optical engines to customers. SPX will start production of 100G CWDM4, POET ONE (a 100G single chip TxRx engine), 100G LR4 and 200G FR4 optical engines using YST’s directly modulated lasers (DMLs) this month and we expect to extend the collaboration to other products in the future.”

    “We are excited to collaborate with POET to support a growing customer demand for 100G and 200G optical engine products,” said Peter Zhang, CEO and Chairman of the Board at YST. “Our superior quality lasers and reputation for reliability will complement POET’s Optical Interposer technology, which offers a unique and highly adaptable platform to module makers. We will continue to collaborate with POET on high-speed optical engines while supporting SPX to ramp current products to high volume production.”

    POET, SPX and YST will initially collaborate on 100G CWDM4, POET ONE, 100G LR4 and 200G FR4 transmitter products. All the design verifications and reliability testing of the optical engines is complete and all will be released to production this month. Current module customers for these products include ADVA, Beijing FeiYunYi (BFYY) and Fibertop, along with others whose names have not yet been disclosed.
  2. Radikal 15 januari 2024 16:18
    POET Technologies, a leading specialist in Photonics, is one of the strategic partners of SHINE. Dr. James Lee, General Manager at POET Singapore, shared the benefits of being integrated into NUS' SHINE research ecosystem.
    As a member of the SHINE Centre, he eagerly anticipates fruitful collaborations with leading MNCs, companies, and startups, aiming to capitalize on significant opportunities that await on the horizon.

  3. Radikal 14 mei 2024 16:37
    POET Announces Design Win and Collaboration with Foxconn Interconnect Technology for High-speed AI Systems

    TORONTO, May 14, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- POET Technologies Inc. (“POET” or the “Company”) (TSX Venture: PTK; NASDAQ: POET), the designer and developer of the POET Optical Interposer™ and Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) for the data center, telecommunication and artificial intelligence markets, today announced that Foxconn Interconnect Technology (“FIT”), a market leader of interconnect solutions for communication infrastructure and several other large, high-growth markets, has selected POET’s optical engines, which are silicon photonics integrated circuits (Silicon PIC), for its 800G and 1.6T optical transceiver modules.

    POET and FIT have entered into a collaboration to develop 800G and 1.6T pluggable optical transceiver modules using POET optical engines with an aim to address the growth in demand from cutting-edge AI applications and high-speed data center networks. As part of the collaboration, POET will develop and supply its silicon photonics integrated circuit optical engines based on the patented POET Optical Interposer™ technology and FIT, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of interconnect technologies, will design and supply the high-speed pluggable optical transceivers for delivery to some of the largest end customers in the world.

    "The growth in demand from emerging applications such as artificial intelligence and machine learning requires continuous innovation to keep pace with power and cost requirements,” said Joseph Wang, CTO at FIT. “We are excited to partner with POET on this development. POET’s hybrid-integration platform technology will enable us to use best-of-breed components and ramp to high volume at a much faster pace and in a cost-efficient manner.”

    “POET’s vision is to ‘semiconductorize’ photonics by integrating electronic and photonic components on the interposer to enable wafer-scale assembly,” said Dr. Suresh Venkatesan, POET’s Chairman and CEO. “We are honored to work with an industry leader like FIT, capable of ramping to high volume production with its expertise in transceiver design and manufacturing. We look forward to expanding our collaboration to future projects once this initial project is complete.”

    POET’s transmit optical engines integrate externally modulated lasers (EMLs), EML drivers, monitor photodiodes, optical waveguides, thermistors and an optical multiplexer, where applicable, on to an optical interposer-based PIC. The receive optical engines integrate high-speed photodiodes, transimpedance amplifiers, optical waveguides and optical demultiplexers, where applicable. All components are passively assembled on the interposer at wafer scale using standard pick-and-place semiconductor equipment. Passive alignment of the photonic elements and use of high-speed RF traces between the electronic and photonic components to avoid wire-bonds are two hallmarks of the technology.

    POET expects to complete the design of the optical engines for FIT by Q3 2024 and start optical engine production at its joint venture, Super Photonics Xiamen, by Q4 2024.

    The global optical transceiver market for 800G and 1.6T speed is projected to grow at a CAGR of 33%, from $2.5 billion in 2024 to $10.5 billion by 2029, according to Lightcounting Market forecast.
  4. Radikal 14 mei 2024 16:39
    Foxconn is een merknaam van de Taiwanese fabrikant Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Foxconn is de grootste fabrikant van computeronderdelen wereldwijd en produceert onder andere de Mac mini en de iPhone voor Apple Inc. Verder maakt het bedrijf onderdelen voor Dell, Sony, Nokia en vele andere merken. Wikipedia
    Oprichter: Terry Gou
    Dochtermaatschappijen: Sharp, FIH Mobile Limited, Foxtron, MEER
    Aantal werknemers: 767.062
    Overkoepelende organisatie: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd
    Hoofdvestiging: Tucheng District, Taipei, Taiwan
    Opgericht: 20 februari 1974
  5. Radikal 5 juli 2024 16:45
    FAQ: POET Updates on Customer Engagements and Operations
    June 11th, 2024

    During the second quarter of 2024, POET made several announcements about collaborations, technology development, and financial progress. To help investors and industry observers further understand the significance of the recent news, the company is providing answers to the following frequently asked questions.

    1. What is the timeline for development of the products related to the design win and collaboration with Foxconn Interconnect Technology?

    On May 14, POET announced that Foxconn Interconnect Technology (FIT) had selected POET’s optical engines for its 800G and 1.6T optical transceiver modules. FIT is a market leader of interconnect solutions for communication infrastructure and several other large, high-growth markets, and was attracted to POET’s optical engines because of their best-of-breed components, high performance, and cost efficiency.

    POET is on track to complete the design of the optical engines for FIT in 2024. There will be a period of about six months when FIT will sample the POET-equipped 800G optical transceiver modules to its customers. During the sampling phase, FIT customers may ask for design tweaks or customization, and such scenarios are built into the expected timeframe. POET anticipates FIT will place its first order for volume production in the second half of 2025. The 1.6T transceivers are expected to be sampled in late 2025 for production in late 2026.

    POET and Luxshare Tech are working together to bring 800G and higher optical modules to the market

    2. Several POET customers have been sampling and/or testing POET products since 2023. What is the status of these customer engagements?

    Although POET has a number of customer engagements that are in various stages of development, these six customers — along with FIT — are the ones that have been announced and are closest to adoption of POET’s products for high-volume manufacturing.

    Luxshare Tech: In March, Luxshare introduced an 800G pluggable transceiver that includes POET’s 2x400G receive optical engine (RXOE) design. POET is finishing design work on a 400G transmit optical engine that will combine with the 400G RXOE to give Luxshare a complete POET-based chipset to sell to its end users. That chipset is on track to be ready for sampling in 2024.

    Celestial AI: POET Starlight™ is a lightbar component in Celestial AI’s flagship product, Photonic Fabric, that is designed to shatter the memory wall and deliver data directly to the point of compute. An 8-channel packaged light source for chip-to-chip AI applications and co-packaged optics for the data center market, Starlight can be integrated on a host board and connected to chips and ASICs with built-in silicon photonics. POET will supply initial production orders to Celestial AI in the second half of 2024.

    Adtran (formerly ADVA): Adtran is committed to advance its MicroMux™ Quattro 400G quad LR4 optical module with POET’s 100G CWDM and 100G LR4 engines. POET has configured 4x100G CWDM and 4x100G LR4 formats for the MicroMux product line. Designed to fit in a single QSFP-DD pluggable form factor, the Quattro transceivers can integrate seamlessly into standard 400G sockets and fan out 4x100GbE, maximizing the use of existing hardware in data centers.

    ZKTel: In January, POET announced that it is collaborating with ZKTel to develop a 100G CWDM4 optical transceiver module using POET optical engines supplied by Super Photonics Xiamen (SPX), the joint venture with Sanan IC. ZKTel is in the final stages of its qualification of the 100G CWDM4 module.
    Beijing FeiYunYi Technology (BFYY): Formed with the intent to sell optical modules that feature POET 100G optical engines, BFYY’s current plan is to focus on 400G.

    FiberTop Technology: POET has delivered its legacy optical engines to FiberTop, which is expected to place production orders through SPX in 2024.
  6. Radikal 8 juli 2024 15:14
    Ben al eens benieuwd waar we eind deze week zullen staan?
    Vandaag ziet premarket er alvast fantastich uit :-) :-)
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