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Beyond Meat, Inc. (BYND)

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@hosternokke mag ik vragen hoeveel % van je portefeuille belegt in dit aandeel? Ik ben nu sinds 2 weken met dit aandeel begonnen en ben zeer positief. Zelf heb ik 9% van mijn portefeuille in Beyond Meat besteed.
Was zo'n 2%, na enorme stijging maar eens wat winst genomen.
't Is nu wachten op een dip en dan weer maar weer instappen voor een volgende rit.
Ja klopt ik snap je, heb zelf nog niet gezocht, maar enig idee van de enorme stijging van vandaag?
Cijfers q1 boven estimates, outlook veelbelovend. Buzz over mogelijke samenwerking met Mc Donalds zal ook wel van redelijke invloed zijn.
't Is wachten op een pull back voor een volgend instapmoment.
Thanks voor de update! ik ga t volgende week verkopen en idd wachten op een correctie
Araxxx, mijn comment was/is geen (ver)koopadvies, handel naar eigen goeddunken svp, it's your money. Vergeet niet dat alleen de markt gelijk heeft.
Investor: 'The most interesting thing' in Beyond Meat's earnings

Nick Robertson
Senior Producer
Yahoo FinanceJune 8, 2019
Shares in plant-based meat company Beyond Meat (BYND) spiked nearly 40% on Friday, after the company topped earnings expectations for the first time as a public company.

The alternative food company saw triple-digit percentage gains in revenue, and provided rosy full year guidance.

Yet the most important piece of Beyond Meat’s first earnings report, according to one early investor, was the source of the company’s growth — not just its pace.

“Food service sales [were] nearly six times higher from a year ago—and that’s because of companies like Carl’s Jr. and Del Taco (TACO) now featuring Beyond Meat products,” Nick Cooney, Lever VC’s managing partner told Yahoo Finance’s YFi PM.

Given its explosive growth, Conney thinks Beyond Meat’s outlook for $210 million in full-year revenue for 2019 may actually be conservative.

“All of the attention and buzz they got post-IPO, if that’s going to translate to more food service companies bringing them in, that’s not even reflected in their current $210 million projection,” he argued.

With the alternative meat market potentially worth a whopping $140 billion in 10 years according to Barclays, investors like Conney believe the sky may be the limit for Beyond Meat.

“[It’s] on a great trajectory to become the dominant player in the space globally,” Conney said.

Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown emphasized the company’s growing food service partnerships in its growth prospects.

“What’s so exciting for us about the quick-serve restaurant channel is that every time a consumer sees the product on the menu, it's the Beyond Meat brand,” he said during the company’s earnings call.

“We are building our brand alongside these important partners,” Brown added.
Beyond Meat Soars on Earnings - Here Is Where the Stock Goes Now
Beyond Meat is surging on Friday thanks to better-than-expected earnings results. Where can the stock go now?

Bret Kenwell
Updated Jun 9, 2019 10:19 AM EDT
Original: Jun 7, 2019
Three Big Takeaways From Beyond Meat's Earnings Report
Beyond Meat (BYND) released its first earnings report since its IPO five weeks ago.
Shares of Beyond Meat (BYND) surged on Friday, closing higher by almost 40% at $138.65 after the plant-based meat maker reported its first earnings as a public company. It joined Zoom Video (ZM) , another recent initial public offering that was ripping higher on the day after earnings as well.

Beyond Meat reported an adjusted loss of 14 cents per share, a penny narrower than expectations, while revenue of $40.2 million surged 215% year over year and topped analysts' estimates of $38.9 million. For the year, management expects revenue of $210 million (up 140% year over year) vs. consensus expectations of roughly $205 million.

Does that really make Beyond Meat stock worth almost $8 billion? Short of some speculative M&A, of course not.

But because of the incredibly low float and the high borrowing costs, short-sellers have been kept at bay. Although a rally like this has many of them salivating for an entry. What do the charts look like now?

Daily chart of Beyond Meat stock.
When it comes to newly public stocks, these squeezes are often an issue with their share price. Remember GoPro (GPRO - Get Report) or Shake Shack (SHAK - Get Report) when they went public? Shares surged to $90 only to be cut down significantly as more shares unlocked and became available for trading.

It's a simple supply/demand principle at play. Low supply (available stock) and high demand equals a higher share price. The more supply that comes into the market, the more demand is needed to keep shares elevated.

For Beyond Meat stock, that means its impending doom is coming, although clearly not on Friday.

What Jim Cramer Liked About Beyond Meat's First Earnings Report
Shares are surging on the day, with the stock now up more than five-fold from its $25 IPO price. A channel extension off its May highs comes into play right in this $130 area. More pronounced channel resistance extends up toward this $118 to $120 area, which BYND stock easily hurdled in morning trade.

What now?

Look to see if Beyond Meat stock can maintain above prior channel resistance (blue line). If this level turns to support, the rally can keep going. In that case, look to see if shares can push through the channel highs (purple line) and take out Friday's highs.

Should prior channel resistance fail as support, I'm looking for a pullback into the low $100s. There it will find uptrend support, as well as the 10-day moving average. Below that brings up the 38.2% retracement near $94 and the 20-day moving average near $91 and trending higher.

I am not bullish on BYND stock over the intermediate to long term simply because the valuation does not support these lofty prices. The current action is simply a function of supply and demand. That said, we have to respect price until the charts say otherwise. If I bought into the IPO or were long coming into the report, I would most certainly be booking profits.
Beyond Meat Rises on Tim Hortons Deal, Offsetting Analyst Downgrade.

Beyond Meat shares rebound on Wednesday amid a deal to supply the Tim Hortons coffee chain with meat-less products, offsetting another Wall Street downgrade.

M. Corey Goldman
Updated Jun 12, 2019 1:02 PM EDT
What Jim Cramer Says It Will Take for Beyond Meat Investors to Eat Elsewhere
Jim Cramer says that J.P. Morgan's downgrade isn't enough to deter investors from eating at Beyond Meat.

Beyond Meat (BYND) apparently is beyond Wall Street analysts' perspective of what is reasonably valued, though not necessarily investors.

Shares of Beyond Meat jumped more than 14% on Wednesday after Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons said it was now offering faux-meat breakfast sandwiches made with beyond Meat products at almost 4,000 locations. Tim Hortons is a subsidiary of Restaurant Brands International (QSR - Get Report).

The news offset a second analyst downgrade in as many days, this time from Sanford Bernstein, who lowered their rating on the stock to market perform from outperform on "valuation considerations."

In a note to clients, Sanford Bernstein analyst Alexia Howard said she is downgrading the company and lowering her target price to $123 "as the stock has traded inPlay Video a highly volatile manner since its IPO likely due to its limited public float."

Shares of Beyond Meat gained 13.9%, or $17.53, rising to $143.56 in afternoon trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market. The plunged more than 25% on Tuesday.

She added that the shares are now trading at more than 31 times enterprise-to-value sales relative to its potential sales, "implying limited upside potential from a valuation perspective."

Embedded video

Beyond Meat
We believe in a better Beyond. A Beyond that’s always striving for more. That’s why we created the new, MEATIER Beyond Burger. W/ mouthwatering marbling, a meatier chew, & all the juicy, GMO-free deliciousness you loved in the original, it's now closer to beef than ever before.

12:54 AM - Jun 12, 2019

The downgrade follows a similar note from JPMorgan on Tuesday that sent Beyond Meat shares into a tailspin, prompting the stock to post its biggest one-day decline since listing on the Nasdaq last month.

Indeed, Wall Street analysts are now lining up to express their concern over Beyond Meat's beyond realistic $10 billion valuation.

Still, Howard noted that despite the valuation concerns, "... we continue to expect significant growth potential in the plant-based meat category and believe that Beyond Meat is well positioned as one of the front-runners leading the new wave of plant-based meat products."

Beyond Meat's Stock Action Tuesday Is Similar to Tilray's Last September
Can Beyond Meat Beat the Significant Competition Bearing Down on It?
She also pointed to the ongoing wwine fever epidemic in China that continues to have an impact on hog and pork supplies and prices as a potential boon for Beyond Meat.

"This could happen more quickly than expected if meat prices are driven upwards globally due to the African Swine Flu epidemic in China," the analyst said.

Norman Levine, a managing director and portfolio manager with Toronto-based asset management firm Portfolio Management Corp., is more onside with analysts' valuation perspective, particularly given competition isn't likely very far behind.

"We see will the bigger brands come up with the same or similar product in the future," says Levine. "This is food science, not rocket science. I would say that, if you are looking to invest in a company like Beyond Meat, you are there for a good time, and not a long time."
Beyond Meat at risk as competitors like Impossible Burger take root.

Published: June 12, 2019 4:42 p.m. ET

Analysts are starting to pull back from Beyond Meat

By Tonya Garcia

Products from Beyond Meat Inc, the vegan burger maker, are shown for sale at a market in Encinitas, Calif.

Investors want another helping of Beyond Meat Inc. stock, with shares up another 12.6% in Wednesday trading, but competition in the plant-based and meat-alternative categories could take a bite out Beyond Meat’s stratospheric growth.

Since going public last month, Beyond Meat’s BYND, -0.06% stock was up 116% as of Wednesday’s close and has hit the “short-squeeze trifecta” as lending fees continue to go higher.

But Beyond Meat isn’t the only plant-based meat on the market, and it’s facing risks from the competition.

According to data provided by SEMrush, a content-marketing platform, for the year spanning April 2018 to April 2019, “Impossible Burger,” another plant-based burger option from Impossible Foods Inc., was searched on Google an average of 171% more than “Beyond Burger.”

And just as talk about the Beyond Meat IPO was picking up steam in April, “Impossible Burger” was searched 400% more than “Beyond Burger.” Beyond Meat began trading on May 2.

“Based on our search volume data, it is clear that the Impossible Burger is much more popular among consumers than the Beyond Meat burger,” said Olga Andrienko, head of global marketing at SEMrush. “While search volume cannot determine causation, the significant difference in consumer interest for one of its main competitors, the Impossible Burger, points to a larger long-term risk for Beyond Meat in addition to its recent losses on Wall Street.”

Beyond Meat closed Tuesday down 25%. Beyond Meat stock is up 78% for the past month while the S&P 500 index SPX, -0.20% is about breakeven for the period.

Impossible Foods said it welcomes Beyond Meat into the meat-alternative fray because Impossible Foods only has one competitor: animal protein.

“Our competition 100% is the cow,” said Rachel Konrad, chief communications officer at Impossible Foods. “Impossible Foods has the mission of eliminating the need for animal products.”

In the meantime, it’s generating millions of dollars in funding from investors and getting play on fast-food menus across the country.

On May 14, Impossible Foods, which is privately held, announced it completed a $300-million round of funding, bringing total funding to $750 million. Investors include Jay-Z, Serena Williams and husband Alexis Ohanian, Katy Perry and Questlove, as well as Bill Gates, UBS and Google Ventures.

Since January, Impossible Foods products have popped up on menus at chains such as White Castle, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers Inc. RRGB, -3.92% , Qdoba and Little Caesars, where the Impossible Supreme pizza, featuring Impossible Sausage, is available in three markets in Washington, New Mexico and Florida.

In total, Impossible Foods is on 9,000 menus in the U.S., Hong Kong, Singapore and Macau.

The company caused big buzz with the addition of the Impossible Whopper to the Burger King menu. Burger King is part of the Restaurant Brands International Inc. QSR, +1.78% portfolio.

And: Meatless fast-food burgers probably aren’t any healthier – and they’re definitely more expensive

Data from Earnest Research, a business insight company, shows a 36% spike in April sales versus March at St. Louis Burger King locations since the addition of the Impossible Whopper, with only a portion explained by the $1 increase in price.

Impossible Foods’ Konrad emphasized the versatility of Impossible Foods products, and its ability to make the leap from pizza to burgers to Vietnamese pho and Italian Bolognese without sacrificing taste, the number one thing that diners who aren’t vegan or vegetarian are looking for in a meat alternative.

“If you don’t have a product that’s just as delicious and craveable as meat from cows you’re not even allowed to play in this space,” she told MarketWatch.

Konrad also talked up the science behind Impossible Foods, a factor that’s highlighted on the company’s website and has been talked up by others in the meat-alternative industry, which is now also populated by animal protein purveyors like Tyson Foods Inc. TSN, -0.51% In many ways, the plant-based meat company with the best science will win.

“Let’s really end the fantasy that our food is untouched by science,” she said. “It’s the ultimate science product.”

Among the more than 100 scientists working with Impossible Foods are molecular biochemists, geneticist, and a nuclear physicist who was responsible for the texture and “chew down” of the Impossible Burger.

Beyond Meat certainly isn’t standing still, with the company announcing a new, “meatier” burger coming for summer.

With the meat industry valued at about $1 trillion, there’s plenty of room for growth, and customers are seeking out animal alternatives for a variety of reasons, from health to environmental concerns. Other plant-based meat companies facing off in the space include Before the Butcher; Rebellyous Foods, makers of plant-based chicken nuggets; and Good Catch, makers of plant-based tuna.

“Differences between the plethora of companies offering plant-based meat products are mainly reflected in their varied taste and composition,” said Isaac Thomas, chief executive of VeganNation, an organization that brings together businesses, diners and organizations for vegan goods.

“We are on a race for the best vegan meat substitute, and Beyond Meat serves as an important catalyst in promoting plant-based meat products. Beyond Meat’s glorious IPO is attracting a lot of necessary and healthy competition, shining a beam of light on the immense financial opportunity stored in the vegan consumer base while drawing the attention of key financial players worldwide.”

Still, analysts are starting to back away from Beyond Meat, with JPMorgan and Bernstein downgrading the stock this week.

“As we wrote last week, ‘At some point, the extraordinary revenue and profit potential embedded in [Beyond Meat]...will be priced in’ — we think this day has arrived,” JPMorgan wrote.
Tyson komt met alternatief:

Tyson Foods launches full-scale attack on Beyond Meat

Brian Sozzi, Yahoo FinanceJune 13, 2019
Tyson Foods (TSN) is finally getting into the mutant-meat game being dominated by one-time friend Beyond Meat (BYND) and its heated rival Impossible Foods.

The U.S.’s largest meat producer said Thursday it will debut several new plant-based products under the Raised & Rooted brand. Nuggets will debut at several undisclosed major retailers later this summer while blended burgers will hit shelves in the fall.

Note the word blended as Tyson hasn’t gone full-scale mutant meat cooked up in a lab here like its upstart competitors. The nuggets are simply made from pea protein isolate and other plant ingredients, Tyson says. In other words, typical veggie nuggets. The blended burgers are made with a mix of Angus beef and pea protein.

Tyson is touting that the blended burgers have fewer calories and less saturated fat than its competitors.

Underscoring the importance of a product launch into the red-hot plant-based food market, Tyson Foods nabbed a comment from its new CEO Noel White. Normally in the consumer products space, product launches aren’t that big a deal — and even when they, a lower level executive comments.

“Today’s consumers are seeking more protein options so we’re creating new products for the growing number of people open to flexible diets that include both meat- and plant-based protein,” said Noel White, president and CEO of Tyson Foods in a statement. “For us, this is about ‘and’ – not ‘or.’ We remain firmly committed to our growing traditional meat business and expect to be a market leader in alternative protein, which is experiencing double-digit growth and could someday be a billion-dollar business for our company.”

For Tyson, the announcement has to be somewhat bittersweet.

The company dumped its 6.5% stake in Beyond Meat ahead of the plant-based meat company’s IPO in early May. Since then, Beyond Meat’s stock has exploded 115% amid a solid first quarter earnings report and insane levels of enthusiasm for the story on Wall Street.
Beyond Meat's stock could fall 50%: Strategist
Alexis ChristoforousAnchor,Yahoo Finance•June 13, 2019
It seems nothing can stop Beyond Meat’s stock rally (BYND), not even a full-scale attack from meat giant, Tyson Foods (TSN).

Shares of the faux-meat maker jumped nearly 2% Thursday, as investors shrugged off news that Tyson is launching its own line of plant-based protein products. Its chicken-free nuggets and burger patties made with a combination of beef and plants will hit store shelves later this year.

Since going public in early May, Beyond’s stock has soared nearly 470%, giving the profitless company a market value of about $8.5 billion.

“[Plant-based protein] is the future of food,” says Keith Fitz-Gerald, chief investment strategist at Money Map Press.

“Beyond Meat is a very important stock in the history of where we’re going to go as the next billion people come on to the planet,” Fitz-Gerald said on Yahoo Finance’s “The First Trade.”

Still, Fitz-Gerald wouldn’t invest in Beyond Meat right now. He suggests waiting “at least a few quarters” for the company to prove its worthiness to investors.

‘Greed is alive and well’
“The Beyond Meat IPO tells me that greed is alive and well,” Fitz-Gerald said.“I don’t place a lot of faith in companies that aren’t making money.”

He said there’s currently more downside risk than upside potential for the stock. “Beyond Meat is up 400% to 500%, which is way beyond where it should have been in the first place if you apply conventional thinking to it,” he said. “But this isn’t a conventional market. So a 25%, 30%, 40%, 50% [selloff] is all possible.”

Not one Wall Street analyst rates Beyond Meat a “buy,” which is unusual for a freshly-minted stock market newbie. JPMorgan Chase and Bernstein each downgraded the stock this week on concerns about its high valuation.

The plant-based protein market is expected to balloon to $12 billion by 2028, according to NYU Stern School of Business Professor Aswath Damodaran.

He said Beyond Meat can capture up to 20% of that market, despite competition from bigger companies including Tyson and Nestle (NESN-SW), which will launch its own plant-based burger this fall.
het is niet meer te houden dit Beyond Meat, helaas te vroeg verkocht. Ben benieuwd wanneer een correctie komt en hoe groot de correctie is.
Zo groot is de markt voor vegaburgers en andere vleesvervangers in Nederland (en in andere landen).

Arjan Meesterburrie
28 Jun 2019 930

Wie vleesloos door het leven gaat, heeft steeds meer te kiezen. Vegetariërs en veganisten kunnen bij de Vegetarische Slager terecht voor de ‘Gehacktbal’, ‘Kipstuckjes’ en de “mc2 NoBeef Burger”. Ook fabrikanten als Vivera en Garden Gourmet bieden vleesvervangers aan én zo’n twee maanden betrad het Amerikaanse Beyond Meat de Nederlandse markt met vegan producten.

In de afgelopen vijf jaar groeide de markt voor vleesvervangers jaarlijks met gemiddeld vier procent, maar die groei is aan het versnellen. In een vorige maand verschenen rapport van ABN Amro geeft een op de drie consumenten aan duurzamer te willen eten en drie op de vijf eet meerdere dagen per week bewust geen vlees. De toenemende aandacht voor duurzaamheid is de grootste reden voor de toenemende populariteit van vleesvervangers, stelt de bank.

Maar hoe groot is de markt voor vegaburgers en andere vleesvervangers op dit moment?

Business Insider heeft databureau Statista gevraagd dat inzichtelijk te maken. Uit onderstaande grafiek gebaseerd op internationale onderzoeksgegevens van de Britse bank Barclays en Euromonitor, blijkt dat vorig jaar in Nederland voor 98 miljoen dollar aan vleesvervangers is verkocht (tegen de huidige wisselkoers is dat ruim 86 miljoen euro).
Als we dat omrekenen per hoofd van de bevolking komen we voor Nederland met iets meer dan 17 miljoen inwoners uit op 5,75 dollar (omgerekend 5,06 euro) per inwoner. Van de in bovenstaand overzicht meegenomen landen geven alleen de Zweden en de Britten meer geld uit aan vleesvervangers dan wij. In Spanje hebben vegaburgers en verwante producten nog nauwelijks voet aan de grond gekregen.

Zo ziet de omzet aan vleesvervangers er per hoofd van de bevolking uit op basis van de inwonertallen per land uit het CIA World Factbook 2017:

1. Zweden: 7,43 dollar
2. Verenigd Koninkrijk: 6,11 dollar
3. Nederland: 5,75 dollar
4. België: 4,09 dollar
5. Verenigde Staten: 3,66 dollar
6. Italië: 2,69 dollar
7. Duitsland: 2,48 dollar
8. Frankrijk: 1,88 dollar
9. Noorwegen: 1,69 dollar
10. Zwitserland: 1,58 dollar
11. Spanje: 0,14 dollar

Hoewel de populariteit van vleesvervangers toeneemt, is de jaarlijkse besteding per Nederlander van 5,06 euro natuurlijk nog steeds heel weinig. Maar met de voorspelde groei van het aantal vegetariërs, veganisten, maar vooral flexitariërs die er bewust voor kiezen minder vlees en vis te eten, ziet de toekomst van de Vegetarische Slager, Beyond Meat en andere producenten van vleesvervangers er goed uit.

De strijd draait nu vooral ook om wie de lekkerste, sappigste en gezondste alternatieven weet te maken voor echte vleesklassiekers.
149 $

Beyon gaat ook starten in Zoeterwoude voor west EU

PS; mss beter in Emmeloord : meer ruumte,m2,huizen en spierkracht
Of Delfzijl, Hardenberg, Emmen

haas schreef op 2 juli 2019 15:34:

149 $

Beyon gaat ook starten in Zoeterwoude voor west EU

PS; mss beter in Emmeloord : meer ruumte,m2,huizen en spierkracht
Of Delfzijl, Hardenberg, Emmen

vrijdag $ 172-164-slot 166
Open 172,37
Hoog 172,40
Laag 164,75
Beurswaarde 10,03 mld.
Koers/winst -
Div.rend. -
Vorig slot 174,20
52-wk max. 201,88
52-wk min. 45,00
Gisteren gesloten op $222, nu voorbeurs rond de $240. Maandag cijfers nabeurs.

Beyond Meat may turn a profit sooner than you think
Brian SozziEditor-at-Large,Yahoo Finance•July 25, 2019
It may be time for Wall Street to start envisioning strong profits from the surging Beyond Meat (BYND).

Since its wildly successful initial public offering in May, all Beyond Meat has done is win — and win in a big way. The company has released new, premium-priced products (think spicy sausage, ground beef and a new burger blend) that by most accounts continue to be in strong demand by consumers.

The products are showing up at retailers beyond the traditional organic haven that is Whole Foods (we are looking at you, Target).

Moreover, Beyond Meat founder and CEO Ethan Brown tells Yahoo Finance plant-based bacon and steak are on the way.

If that wasn’t enough to get Wall Street thinking about Beyond Meat’s profit potential this year and next, the company just inked a deal with Dunkin’ Brands to bring a special sausage patty to 190-plus locations in Manhattan. The CEOs of Beyond Meat and Dunkin Brands both hinted to Yahoo Finance in an interview a nationwide rollout is likely soon in the cards.

And should that happen at Dunkin’s some 9,200-plus U.S. stores — with more fast-food tie-ups very likely on the way — Beyond Meat is poised to shock Wall Street analysts with its financials sooner than expected. That will go a long way to justifying the upstart food company’s (which hasn’t yet turned a profit...) heady $12.8 billion market cap.

All of this profit potential is not lost on Beyond Meat’s humble founder and CEO Brown.

“We are on a great path for sure,” Brown told Yahoo Finance when asked if the Dunkin tie-up will help Beyond Meat reach profitability quicker.

Right now, Beyond Meat’s guidance calls for adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) to be breakeven this year. Wall Street isn’t even on the same page with Beyond Meat yet — analysts are looking for slight adjusted EBITDA this year and about $19.5 million in 2020.

They should first get on Beyond’s page for 2019...and then quickly flip to one that shows profitability for the faux meat seller quite soon.
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