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Nel ASA - 2023

230 Posts
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  1. LXIV 18 mei 2023 16:19
    De definitie van subsidie is rekbaar, maar zoals die in de link wordt gepresenteerd is er geen sprake van subsidie, maar van minder belasting heffen. Dat is iets heel anders dus. Maar ik weet het goed gemaakt: alle voorstanders van fossiel vrij gaan vanaf nu met de fiets, hebben geen auto meer, en blijven vooral thuis. Dat draagt al goed bij aan een lager co2 uitstoot. En wat er dan aan geld over blijft kunnen ze investeren in Nel zodat de energie transformatie op waterstof kan versnellen en wij als aandeelhouders ook nog wat verdienen. Lijkt me goede deal!
  2. forum rang 10 voda 30 mei 2023 12:58
    Nieuwe ontwikkeling?

    Revolutionary Hydrogen Generator Harnesses LOHC

    By Strategic Research Institute on May 30, 2023 08:25 am

    In the realm of energy innovation, a team of brilliant scientists of CISRO is spearheading the development of a groundbreaking hydrogen generator that has the potential to transform the way we power our farms and other remote locations. Led by a trio of visionaries - John Chiefari, Christian Hornung, and Vicky Au - this pioneering project aims to efficiently generate hydrogen from liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC), ensuring safe transportation and utilization of this clean energy source.

    Hydrogen, with its emissions-free properties when produced through water electrolysis using renewable energy, has garnered significant attention as a promising fuel for the future. However, challenges surrounding hydrogen storage and transport have hindered its widespread adoption. To overcome these obstacles, researchers worldwide have sought alternative methods, and the integration of LOHC technology has emerged as a game-changer.

    LOHCs are organic compounds capable of absorbing and releasing hydrogen through chemical reactions. This research avenue, explored for over three decades, has gained momentum in recent years as the world endeavors to tackle the net-zero challenge. The process involves producing hydrogen through renewable energy sources and subsequently adding it to the LOHC via hydrogenation. The LOHC, safely stored and transported using conventional fuel tanks and trucks, awaits dehydrogenation to release the hydrogen when needed. It is in this crucial step that the newly developed hydrogen generator comes into play.

    The hydrogen generator employs a patented technology known as the Catalytic Static Mixer (CSM). Constructed as a 3D printed scaffold with a catalyst coating, the CSM optimizes the interaction between reagents, enhancing the catalytic reaction's efficiency. Unlike traditional packed bed systems, the CSM provides superior process control and allows for easy replacement and regeneration of exhausted catalysts. Its scalability is also noteworthy, as additional CSMs can be incorporated in parallel flow to meet varying demands.

    The project encompasses two phases. First, a pilot-scale hydrogen generator will be constructed, capable of producing 5 kg of hydrogen daily. This compact unit, expected to occupy a space of approximately 1m x 2m, serves as a proof-of-concept. Building upon the knowledge gained from the pilot unit, the team will then proceed to develop a demonstration-scale hydrogen generator. Anticipated to produce 20 kg of hydrogen per day, this larger unit resembles a standard 12m shipping container and is well-suited for hydrogen refueling stations and off-grid power supply requirements.

    The applications of this groundbreaking technology are far-reaching. By replacing diesel generators, the hydrogen generator can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide a quieter and more sustainable power solution for off-grid locations such as farms, mine sites, and exploration areas. Additionally, it holds immense potential for hydrogen refueling stations to support the growing fleet of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

    In the pursuit of a low-carbon economy, this hydrogen generator plays a vital role. While achieving net-zero emissions requires multifaceted approaches, this technology offers a tangible solution for off-grid power needs. By facilitating the deployment of hydrogen infrastructure in various sectors, including hard-to-abate industries like agriculture and mining, it paves the way for everyday Australians to access and benefit from the power of hydrogen.
  3. evenaar 6 juni 2023 14:11
    Ik verwacht door de aankondiging van de bouw van een nieuwe fabriek eigenlijk een nieuwe aandelenuitgifte. Hoe denken jullie daar over?
  4. forum rang 10 DeZwarteRidder 6 juni 2023 14:25

    evenaar schreef op 6 juni 2023 14:11:

    Ik verwacht door de aankondiging van de bouw van een nieuwe fabriek eigenlijk een nieuwe aandelenuitgifte. Hoe denken jullie daar over?
    Ga maar vast sparen....!!!

    Dit bedrijf heeft nooit geld genoeg.
  5. Joni-2 30 juni 2023 08:33
    NEL ASA : RBC handhaaft koopadvies
    29-06-2023 om 19:23

    In een door Erwan Kerouredan gepubliceerd rapport adviseert RBC zijn klanten om het aandeel te kopen.

    Het koersdoel staat nog altijd op 22 NOK.
  6. forum rang 10 DeZwarteRidder 30 juni 2023 08:38

    'belegger'' schreef op 12 juni 2023 14:27:

    "ThyssenKrupp wil zijn elektrolysebedrijf Nucera een aparte beursnotering in Frankfurt geven, en wil met deze beursgang 500 tot 600 miljoen euro ophalen."

    De enige manier om met waterstof geld te verdienen, is om waardeloze waterstofaandelen voor veel geld te verkopen aan domme beleggers.
  7. forum rang 4 Sirlander 11 juli 2023 09:30
    Nel ASA: Receives additional funding from US Department of Defense, Engineer Research and Development Center- Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (ERDC-CERL)
    SAT, JUL 08, 2023 09:20 CETReport this content
    (July 8, 2023– Oslo, Norway) Reference made to the press release dated October 4, 2022. Nel Hydrogen US, a subsidiary of Nel ASA (Nel, OSE: NEL), has been granted an additional USD 5.6 million in funding from the US Department of Defense (DoD) for accelerating advanced PEM electrolyser stack development, to enable low-cost hydrogen storage and resiliency applications, in collaboration with the Engineer Research and Development Center- Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (ERDC- CERL).

    The purpose of the overall program is to accelerate low-cost electrolyser development with the aim to reduce both operating and capital costs. The additional funds will be leveraged for scale up of advanced materials and processes.

    “We are excited to build on our existing program with ERDC-CERL to advance PEM electrolyzer technology” says Kathy Ayers, Vice President, Research and Development at Nel.
  8. forum rang 4 Sirlander 11 juli 2023 09:33
    Nel ASA: Receives purchase order for 16 hydrogen fueling stations to California
    (June 29, 2023 – Oslo, Norway) Reference made to the press release issued on December 20, 2022, regarding a Capacity Reservation Agreement (CRA). Nel Hydrogen Inc., a subsidiary of Nel ASA, (Nel, OSE:NEL) has now received a firm purchase order from the undisclosed US energy company for delivery of 16 hydrogen fueling stations to be deployed in California, US.

    The total value of the purchase order is about USD 24 million, including the previously announced Capacity Reservation Agreement fee of about USD 7 million. The increase in total contract value from the CRA announcement in December relates to the inclusion of installation assistance and commissioning services, as well as service and maintenance agreements.

    “We look forward to providing our hydrogen fueling equipment to this important client and contributing to the deployment of hydrogen fueling infrastructure in the US", says Robert Borin, Senior Vice President, Nel Fueling Division.

    “This contract reflects a significant commitment to hydrogen in general, and to Nel in particular," says Håkon Volldal, CEO. "This record-size contract is a game changer for our Fueling division, amplifying the positive momentum throughout the entire Nel organization as we continue to execute our bigger-better-focused strategy".

    Expected delivery of the first fueling equipment is scheduled in Q4 2023. In addition, Nel has entered into a framework agreement with the customer covering potential future purchase orders for fueling equipment.
  9. cdbe 14 juli 2023 09:06
    Nel ASA: Receives purchase order for 20 MW electrolyser equipment from Hyd’Occ
    (July 14, 2023 - Oslo, Norway) Nel Hydrogen Electrolyser AS, a subsidiary of Nel ASA (Nel, OSE:NEL), has signed a contract for 20 MW of alkaline electrolyser equipment for about EUR 9 million with Hyd’Occ for its project in Port-La-Nouvelle, France. Nel has already performed and delivered the front-end engineering and design (FEED) study on the project.

    The 20 MW electrolyser will supply renewable hydrogen to local industry and transportation in southern France. Port-La-Nouvelle, where the electrolyser will be located, is expected to be a significant hub for hydrogen flows in the Mediterranean.

    Hyd'Occ is backed by Qair, a leading French renewable energy and hydrogen producer, as the primary shareholder and developer, and AREC Occitanie the regional agency for energy transition (held by the Occitanie administrative region), as minority shareholder.

    “We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Hyd'Occ on this pivotal project in France, where our business footprint has been relatively modest so far. The project holds great potential for Nel being in one of the Mediterranean's future hydrogen hubs”, says Hans Hide, Chief Project Officer at Nel.

    “We are pleased to count on Nel’s support in the development of the first high-capacity hydrogen production unit in France. This collaboration takes us a step further in making concrete the hydrogen ecosystem of the future” says Guirec Dufour, Chief Executive Officer at Qair France.

    This is a firm purchase order for alkaline stacks and balance of stacks. The stacks are planned to be delivered to the client around year-end 2023. Nel will assist the client in the project's installation, commissioning, and start-up.

  10. fiesta 14 juli 2023 11:03
    Groot artikel in het FD: Bosch wil prominente rol in de verdere ontwikkeling van waterstof economie en wil zwaar investeren met de Duitse overheid hierin.
  11. forum rang 10 DeZwarteRidder 14 juli 2023 11:11

    fiesta schreef op 14 juli 2023 11:03:

    Groot artikel in het FD: Bosch wil prominente rol in de verdere ontwikkeling van waterstof economie en wil zwaar investeren met de Duitse overheid hierin.
    Bosch zal daar nooit geld mee verdienen.
  12. forum rang 4 Sirlander 17 juli 2023 13:07
    Erwan Kerouredan van RBC handhaaft zijn positieve mening voor het aandeel met een koopadvies. Het koersdoel blijft ongewijzigd op NOK 22.
  13. forum rang 4 Sirlander 18 juli 2023 06:44
    (July 17, 2023 - Oslo, Norway) Nel Hydrogen Electrolyser AS, a subsidiary of Nel ASA (Nel, OSE:NEL), has signed a contract for 40 MW of alkaline electrolyser equipment for about EUR 11 million with Bondalti for its first phase of the H2 Enable project in Estarreja, Portugal.
230 Posts
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