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EVRAZ Trading Update for Q3 of 2021

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
24 Nov, 2021, 5:08 am

Russian steel maker EVRAZ pic has released its trading update for the third quarter of 2021.In Q3 2021, EVRAZ' consolidated crude steel output edged up by 1.0% QoQ, mainly due to larger production volumes at EVRAZ North America. Production at the Group's Russian operations decreased slightly QoQ amid scheduled capital repairs. Total sales of steel products decreased by 8.2% QoQ, primarily due to slowdown of Russian construction products market accompanied by lower sales of railway and semi-finished products because of logistics restrictions on the route and detentions in ports amid inclement weather. This was partly offset by better performance QoQ of EVRAZ North America.

Total raw coking coal production fell by 2.3% QoQ following scheduled longwall movements at the Osinnikovskaya, Yerunakovskaya-8, Uskovskaya and Raspadskaya mines. In addition, the Raspadskaya-Koksovaya mine had to temporarily slow its operations because of difficult geological conditions. Output from the remaining assets increased during the quarter. Total coking coal concentrate production, including both the Steel and Coal segments, decreased by 1.8% QoQ, mainly because of reduction of coke production at EVRAZ ZSMK. The Coal segment's standalone coal concentrate production remained at the level of Q2 2021.

External sales of iron ore products decreased by 10.1 % QoQ, driven by the partial shift of sales to Q4 2021 amid temporary logistics restrictions westwards due to vessel delays

External sales of vanadium products fell by 11.8% QoQ, mainly because of reduced global demand from the automotive sector amid the semiconductor shortage and slowdowns in the Russian oil, gas and rail sectors. In addition, some global steel mills scheduled major maintenance during the summer months.

Q3 of 2021

Total crude steel production - 3,403 million tonnes, up 1% QoQ

Russia - 2,912 million tonnes, down 1% QoQ

North Amenca - 491 million tonnes, down 18% QoQ

Total sales of steel products -2,978 million tonnes, down 8% QoQ

Semi-finished products - 1,337 million tonnes, down 7% QoQ

Finished products - 1,641 million tonnes, down 9% QoQ

9M 2021

Total crude steel production - 10,185 million tonnes, flat YoY

Russia - 8786 million tonnes, down 2% YoY

North Amenca - 1399 million tonnes, up 21% YoY

Total sales of steel products - 9,281 million tonnes, down 4% YoY

Semi-finished products - 4183 million tonnes, down 7% YoY

Finished products - 5098 million tonnes, down 2% YoY
POSCO ICT to Transform BN Steel Plant to Smart Factory

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
24 Nov, 2021, 5:12 am

South Korean steel maker Posco’s IT and engineering wing POSCO ITC will build a smart factory that can efficiently monitor and analyze factory operation data in the southern port city of Busan in South Korea. Posco ICT won a contract to convert a steel processing factory owned by Bn Group into a smart factory. Using the internet of things technology, the company will establish a system that can manage the entire production process including inventory and facility management. Posco ICT will collect and analyze operation data of Bn Group's steel factory and establish a smart factory system that can automatically manage major equipment. The information communication technology company will also develop a smart system called Smart SMB Manufacturing Execution System in which quality control and inventory management are integrated by 2022.

POSCO ICT promoted the first lighthouse factory in Korea to POSCO Smart Factory and is expanding its smart factory business to mid-sized manufacturing companies in Korea by utilizing abundant business references and know-how. This project is carried out through a smart factory support project promoted by KOREA Smart Manufacturing Office under the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

Bn Group's factory is mainly used to produce surface-treated steel plates for home appliances, ships and construction. BN Group has 13 affiliates including companies specialized in shipbuilding equipment, liquor and venture investment. Bn Group is gradually promoting the conversion of all factories to smart factories using the government's smart factory support program.
Henan Yaxin Starts Primetals EAF Quantum & ARVEDI ESP Complex

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
24 Nov, 2021, 5:16 am

Chinese steel producer Henan Yaxin Steel Group Co Ltd has recently started up its eco-friendly minimill for flat products consisting of two EAF Quantum electric arc furnaces and an Arvedi ESP line at its Fujian Dingsheng plant. Tapping weight of each EAF unit is maximum 115 tonnes. This set-up allows for 85% CO2 savings compared to integrated production route. The Arvedi ESP line has a design capacity of 2.5 million tonnes per year of strip thicknesses down to 0.8 mm. This enables Henan Yaxin to produce high-quality, ultra-thin strip to enter new market segments with direct application products omitting cold rolling. Coils for the sales market were directly produced during first heat.

The given maturity level of Arvedi ESP technology allowed coil production right from the first heat. Thirteen coils have been produced in endless operation during start of hot commissioning by first heat. The plant operated in stable endless operation and hot rolled ultra-thin direct application material. These products allow Henan Yaxin to better serve the highly attractive local and export markets for high-quality, thin-gauge strip products.

This is the first environmentally friendly minimill installation worldwide where EAF Quantum and Arvedi ESP are combined. The extremely low requirement of electrical energy of this minimill for flat products contributes to a reduction of CO2 emissions as well as reduction of operating costs. The new EAF Quantum expedites a transition of the existing production to a more environmentally compatible electric steelmaking process. The Arvedi ESP process uses the heat of the cast strand for the first rolling step. An induction heater supports the second rolling step with minimum electrical energy and ESP rolls with zero direct emissions.

The privately-owned concern Henan Yaxin operates integrated and compact steelmaking plants in five provinces and cities in China, and can produce more than ten million metric tons of steel each year. Primetals Technologies supplied the entire mechanical and electrical process equipment for both new EAF Quantum electric arc furnaces and the Arvedi ESP line. “Balance of plant” equipment and services have been provided by a local design institute.
Sarralle to Install Ladle Furnace at ArcelorMittal Fos-sur-Mer

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
24 Nov, 2021, 5:19 am

ArcelorMittal France has awarded Spanish steel technology supplier Sarralle the turnkey project of a Twin 340 tonne Ladle Furnace at Fos-sur-mer Plant in France. Sarralle will not only provide the engineering and manufacturing of the Twin Ladle Furnace, but also its utilities, Fume Extraction System, Material Handling System, Electric & Automation, steel building (control, Trafo, electrical and hydraulic rooms) and Water Treatment Plant.

Although the project was awarded this last August, the previous work started with the consultation process some months ago. The requirements of both parties were acknowledged, allowing us moving forward until the contract award. The Sarralle Ladle Furnace will be operative on September 2023.

ArcelorMittal Fos-sur-Mer is equipped with two BFs of 5 million tonnes, a BOF-based steel meltshop of 5 million tonne, a 4.8 million tonnes hot strip mill and a cold-rolling mill.
LIBERTY Ostrava to Expand Seamless Pipes Sales into US Market

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
24 Nov, 2021, 5:24 am

Czech Republic based LIBERTY Ostrava’s tube plant intends to hire new skilled workers to support its drive to increase the production of seamless pipes intended for the US oil drilling and transport markets. For the anticipated production increase LIBERTY Ostrava needs to increase its tube plant production team by at least 100 employees, particularly operators for its Stiefel rolling mills so that it can effectively manage a three- and four-shift operation. Ostrava’s tube plant produces about 130 thousand tonnes of seamless pipes each year and has continued to grow its production steadily over the years, despite the closure of its traditional US markets in 2018 due to the imposition of significant export tariffs on European steel products by the previous US Government.

The rationale for the plant’s intention to increase its US production targets are the US Government’s decision in October to adjust its tariff policy and allow European steel producers to import up to 4.3 million tonnes per year. The tariff-free quota is expected to be divided among European producers based on their previous export levels, which in the Czech Republic’s case was high.

Seamless steel pipes for oil drilling and transport are one of LIBERTY Ostrava’s High Added-Value products as they have to comply with stringent technical parameters and have a wide range of certificates. They are made of high-quality material and are resistant to acid environment with high sulfide contents, such as those found in the oil industry. The tube plant has been a holder of the API certificate, required for the export of goods for oil & gas sector to the US and other countries, since the 1950´s.
KIOCL Setting up Heat Recovery Coke Oven Plant at Manaluru

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
24 Nov, 2021, 5:27 am

India's state owned iron ore pellet maker KIOCL Limited has reached an agreement with Tauman Engineering Limited on setting up a 180,000 tonnes per year Heat Recovery Coke Oven Plant at Blast Furnace Unit of KIOCL at Mangaluru. KIOCL will pay an estimated USD 25 million as contract price to the engineering company to implement the project.

It has also entered into a three-way collaboration agreement between KIOCL, Tauman Engineering and the Indian government’s Central Scientific and Industrial Research to source appropriate technology from the latter.
US DOC to Start Circumvention Probe on Coated Steel from Vietnam

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
24 Nov, 2021, 5:30 am

VNA reported that the US Department of Commerce has received a request for investigation into the alleged circumvention of anti-dumping duties by Vietnam’s corrosion-resistant steel products made from cold rolled steel and hot rolled steel imported from Japan. The request was submitted by Steel Dynamics Inc.

The plaintiff held that after the US investigated and imposed anti-dumping duties of 71.35 percent and 26.81 percent on the CRS and HRS from Japan in 2015, the import of those products from Japan into the US has declined considerably while the import of CORE from Vietnam has increased sharply. It accused Vietnam of importing the CRS and HRS from Japan to manufacture the products subject to investigation, and that this manufacturing was not considered substantial modifications as it only added a little to the total CORE value exported to the US.

In 2018, the US launched a similar probe into Vietnam’s CORE products, which it found to have circumvented duties on products from China, Taiwan (China), and the Republic of Korea. Given this, the Vietnamese products were subject to the duties levied on similar products from China, Taiwan, and the RoK.
ArcelorMittal France Partners with Orange & Ericsson to Deploy 5G

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
24 Nov, 2021, 5:32 am

ArcelorMittal France, Orange Business Services and Ericsson announced the launch of 5G Steel to test 4G/5G connectivity at ArcelorMittal's industrial sites in France over the next three years. Orange Business Services, Ericsson and ArcelorMittal France have developed this project together, including the design of industrial use cases adapted to ArcelorMittal's challenges and business requirements. The project is based on Ericsson's technology leadership within 4G/5G private cellular networks suited for advanced industrial use cases and high-risk sites and Orange Business Services’ integration and support expertise. This deployment will meet the needs for industrial network performance and connected workers and operations in a production environment on complex industrial sites. The benefits include better energy efficiency and worker safety.

The 5G private network provides

1. Extensive coverage to cover all ArcelorMittal's complex industrial sites, both outdoors and indoors. Workers and machine operators can move freely with reliable connectivity anywhere on-site

2. High throughput to meet the high-performance requirements of modelled processes connected devices, production data, etc

3. Low latency to support the deployment of autonomous vehicles and remote-controlled machinery as well as security in high risk areas

4. Network slicing to tailor services to each business process and needs

5. Data security to protect sensitive industrial data on-site

5G Steel will enable ArcelorMittal's plants, starting with Dunkirk, followed by Mardyck in Hauts-de-France and Florange in the Grand Est area, to deploy use cases requiring high-speed cellular connectivity.

Targeted to different business operations (production, maintenance, logistics, etc), these industrial use cases include better worker flexibility and mobility in different situations. In addition, autonomous rail vehicles in Dunkirk and Florange, autonomous road vehicles, remote maintenance with feedback from the field, virtual or augmented reality and safety devices are also relevant use cases.

The French government supports this initiative as part of the France Recovery plan. The Grand Port Maritime de Dunkerque, EasyMile and the Caisse des Dépôts are also among the project partners. The objective is also to enable the digital transformation of the French value chain ecosystem for industrial use cases. From the outset, 5G Steel will cover the Grand Port Maritime de Dunkerque and ArcelorMittal's Digital Labs in Dunkerque and Florange, and tests are being conducted to extend the network to the Hauts-de-France and Grand Est regions.
Odisha Approves 3 Projects in Steel Sector

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
24 Nov, 2021, 5:34 am

Odisha’s State Level Single Window Clearance Authority has approved 8 industrial projects worth INR 1872 crore in steel, food processing and petroleum. Approved projects include

Jindal Coke Limited’s expansion proposal of its existing Coke and Petroleum products Plant at Kalinga Nagar Industrial Complex at Jajpur to double its production from 0.425 million tonnes per annum to 0.85 million tonnes per annum with an investment of INR 470 crore

Shyam Metalics and Energy Limited’s 0.108 million tonnes per annum Ferro Alloys plant (3x18 MVA) and a 50 MW CPP and Railway siding with an investment of INR 329 crore to be set up at Kalinga Nagar in Jajpur

GV Mines Minerals & Metals Private Limited’s 9 kilometers Iron Ore Pipe Conveying System of capacity 3 million tonnes per annum from Roida-II mines to Bolani Railway Siding at Barbil in Keonjhar district at an investment of INR 104 crore.
Mexico to Restore Tariffs on Steel Imports in June 2022

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
24 Nov, 2021, 5:36 am

Reuters reported that Mexico announced the temporary reinstatement of 15% import tariffs on 100 types of steel from June 2022, which will gradually disappear at the end of 2024. The measures will apply only to countries without a trade agreement with Mexico. The decree said “The local steel industry requires a period of adjustment that allows it to resort to the necessary legal instruments against unfair trade practices."

Mexico previously imposed tariffs in 2018 following former US President Mr Donald Trump's 25% Section 232 national security tariffs on steel imports. That measure, which affected both Canada and Mexico and threatened negotiations on the modernization of the North American Free Trade Agreement, which has been revised and renamed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, was suspended after the United States lifted taxes on its trading partners.
Global Crude Steel Production Dips Further in Oct’21 Chinese Curbs

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
24 Nov, 2021, 5:38 am

World Steel Association announced that global crude steel production for the 64 countries reporting to worldsteel was 145.7 million tonnes in October 2021, a 10.6%% YoY decrease as compared to October 2020. As a result, global crude steel production in January-October 2021 is up by 5.9% YoY to 1607.1 million tonnes

Top 10 Steel-Producing Countries

1. China – 71.6 million tonne, down by 23.3% YoY & 877.1 million tonne in Jan-Oct down by 0.7% YoY

2. India - 9.8 million tonne, up by 2.4% YoY & 96.9 million tonne in Jan-Oct, up by 20.6% YoY

3. Japan – 8.2 million tonne, up by 14.3% YoY & 80.4 million tonne in Jan-Oct, up by 17.5% YoY

4. United States - 7.5 million tonne, up by 20.5% YoY & 71.7 million tonne in Jan-Oct, up by 19.6% YoY

5. Russia - 6.1 million tonne, up by 0.5% YoY & 62.5 million tonne in Jan-Oct, up by 5.7% YoY

6. South Korea – 5.8 million tonne, down by 1% YoY & 58.7 million tonne in Jan-Oct, up by 5.9% YoY

7. Germany - 3.7 million tonne, up by 7% YoY & 33.6 million tonne in Jan-Oct, up by 15.1% YoY

8. Turkey - 3.5 million tonne, up by 8% YoY & 33.3 million tonne in Jan-Oct, up by 14.2% YoY

9. Brazil - 3.2 million tonne, up by 10.4% YoY & 30.3 million tonne in Jan-Oct, up by 19.1% YoY

10. Iran - 2.2 million tonne, down by 15.3% YoY & 22.4 million tonne in Jan-Oct, down by 5.7% YoY

In million tonnes

Source – worldsteel

Crude Steel Production in Jan-Oct of 2021 by Region

Africa – 13.3 million tonne, up by 30.4% YoY

Asia and Oceania – 1,166.1 million tonne, up by 3.0% YoY

CIS – 87.3 million tonne, up by 5.8% YoY

EU (27) – 128.4 million tonne, up by 18.4% YoY

Europe, Other – 42.3 million tonne, up by 12.8% YoY

Middle East – 33.0 million tonne, down 1.5% YoY

North America – 98.8 million tonne, up by 18.8% YoY

South America – 38.1 million tonne, up by 22.6% YoY

Total 64 countries – 1607.1 million tonne, up by 5.9% YoY

In million tonnes

Source – worldsteel
Omwonenden reageren zeer kritisch

’Bij Tata is maken van ’groene’ staal met waterstof binnen 10 jaar haalbaar’

Gisteren, 21:38

AMSTERDAM - Tata Steel kan in 2030 ’groene’ staal met waterstof maken, zonder gebruik van vervuilende steenkool en cokes. Volledige overgang op waterstof is daarna haalbaar, volgens een studie van Ronald Berger voor Tata en vakbond FNV. Die wordt met veel optimisme ontvangen. Maar omwonenden reageren zeer kritisch.

Staalproductie straks zonder cokes en steenkool. ANP/HH

Het staalbedrijf achter het hoogovencomplex in IJmuiden zou volgens Ronald Berger met waterstof binnen dertig jaar volledig kunnen ’vergroenen’. De milieuwinst is helder: bij het gebruik van waterstof komt geen CO2-uitstoot vrij. Bovendien is waterstof goed op te slaan.

De mondiale staalsector zorgt nu voor 7% van de totale uitstoot van broeikasgassen. In buurten rondom de hoogovens in Nederland dalen volgens recent RIVM-onderzoek te veel stofregens neer, die een ’ongewenst effect’ hebben en de gezondheid van bewoners schaden.

Zonder het gebruik van de cokes en steenkool zou voor een ton van dat fossielvrije staal 25 kilo aan CO2 vrij komen. Dat is nu gemiddeld 150.000 kilo CO2. Tata Steel is met een jaarlijkse uitstoot van 12,5 megaton CO2 Nederlands grootste vervuiler.

Na snoeihard rapport over gezondheidsschade lijkt voortbestaan Hoogovens minder vanzelfsprekend

Tata meldde in september voor zijn staalproductie in Nederland over te stappen op allereerst aardgas als warmtebron, en uiteindelijk op waterstof. Tata’s concurrenten zoals het Zweedse SSAB werkt met mijnbouwbedrijf LKAB en energiereus Vattenfall op grotere schaal met waterstof. Ook in Azië en het Midden-Oosten is die aanpak bij staalmakers in opmars.

„Zo’n overstap naar waterstof was drie jaar geleden nog niet mogelijk”, reageert Ad van Wijk, hoogleraar toekomstige energiesystemen aan de Technische Universiteit Delft. „De ontwikkelingen gaan razendsnel. Er is meer dan voldoende waterstof in de aanbieding, bijvoorbeeld vanuit de Eemshaven en via import. Nog meer waterstof is onderweg onderweg met geplande productie”, overziet hij.

Rollen staal op het terrein van Tata Steel. ANP/HH

„Als je de eerste productiefase bij Tata Steel wilt overzetten op groene productie, dan heb je zo’n 150.000 tot 180.000 ton waterstof nodig. In de Eemshaven werkt North2 met Shell al aan productie van bijna 300.000 ton. Dat is er, dat kan de aandrijver worden om bij Tata te beginnen.”

Als Nederland dan het klimaatakkoord netjes uitvoert, komt volgens Van Wijk vervolgens ruim voldoende waterstof beschikbaar om Tata volledig naar milieuvriendelijker staal te brengen. Om continu toelevering te krijgen is wel grootschalige opslag nodig, zoals in zoutkoepels. „Het is heel realistisch te denken dat dit lukt”, meent Van Wijk.

Tata Steel-baas over longkanker, CO2, waterstof en staatsteun: ’Groen staal de toekomst’

Maar het staal zal aanvankelijk duurder zijn. Aan subsidies voor de overgang heeft het kabinet bij elkaar zo’n €950 miljoen gereed gezet.

Milieudefensie reageert ’verheugd’ op Ronald Berger-rapport. „Omdat de studie aantoont dat het kán. Dit is ook de norm voor wat we de komende jaren van de hele vervuilende industrie zullen vragen.”

Maar de omslag in staal kan niet zonder forse investeringen, deels van Tata Steel, deels van de overheid, erkent de belangenvereniging. „Tata maakt veel winst, zij kunnen fors bijdragen. Maar als er dan belastinggeld bij moet, dan dient op korte termijn voor de omwonenden gezondheidswinst behaald te worden. Zij kampen nú met ernstige problemen”, aldus de woordvoerder.

Volgens Jan de Jong van de Stichting Schapenduinen is het plan onrealistisch. Concurrenten Thyssenkrupp en SSAB hebben ooit wel interesse in Tata getoond, zegt hij, „maar zijn afgehaakt omdat de rekensom voor groen staal niet haalbaar is in Nederland.”

Omwonenden uit het IJmond-gebied nemen het plan niet serieus, stelt hij, „omdat er structureel niet op een economische rendabele manier staal kan worden gemaakt. Daarmee is verkoop binnen enkele jaren waarschijnlijk, en vervliegt belastinggeld.” Voor velen moet specifiek de kooks- en gasfabriek 2 snel dicht.

Projectontwikkelaar biedt op Hoogoventerrein

Het Zweedse SSAB komt voor de ombouw op zo’n €1,5 miljard per fabriek. Marktleider ArcelorMittal denkt voor zijn totale productie tot 2050 ruim €35 miljard nodig te hebben om zijn staalproductie volledig CO2-vrij te krijgen.

FNV is voorstander van staalproductie met waterstof. ANP/HH

Andere critici hekelden het rapport: voor de productie van dit type staal is weliswaar geen steenkool nodig, maar wel enorm veel elektriciteit. Er zal een forse uitbreiding van energie uit wind en zon nodig zijn, met uitbreiding van het aantal grote windmolenparken voor de kust.

De Jonge noemt het plan ’een ordinaire vertragingstactiek’: door ermee akkoord te gaan, kan Tata Steel nog jaren doorgaan ’met het vergiftigen van de lucht en water’.

Staaldilemma in de IJmond: werk of gezondheid?

Tata Steel, dat recent €300 miljoen beschikbaar stelde voor aanvullende milieumaatregelen, zegt in een reactie bezig te zijn waterstof eerder in productie te brengen dan uit het rapport blijkt.
MENA HRC prices soften as Indians offer lower

In the United Arab Emirates market, Indian suppliers have reacted to lower Chinese hot rolled coil prices and issued final offers at $875-880/tonne cfr UAE for 2mm and up SAE 1006 re-rolling grade HRC.

Indian mills are notifying buyers that prices are negotiable, which gives the latter hope prices will fall further. Buyers are thus currently refraining from giving firm bids, Kallanish notes.

It has been learnt that Saudi Arabia-based Hadeed has concluded deals in UAE for pipe-making grade S235 HRC at $890/t cpt and re-rolling grade 2mm and up SAE 1006 HRC at $900/t for January delivery.

Chinese initial offers at $880/t cfr are also being circulated; however, long lead times prevent re-rollers placing orders. All re-rollers in UAE and Saudi Arabia have sufficient stock to carry out operations until end-March 2022.

Sole Saudi HRC producer Hadeed is fully booked for January shipments and is preparing to announce February-delivery prices, the latest by the beginning of next week. It is anticipated to lower HRC prices, in line with falling iron ore values, as well as the global ferrous price downtrend.

An Indian mill is heard to have given an initial offer for re-rolling grade HRC at $850/t cfr Dammam for January delivery. However, the buyer is hesitant to place a firm bid since it expects further price falls.

“A Japanese major mill who has good reputation in Saudi Arabia is prepared to take a position against the softened Indian and Chinese HRC prices,” comments a sector participant. “If their HRC price for re-rolling grade will level at $900-910/t cfr for end-January and February delivery, that will not be workable since buyers are ready to pay a maximum $7-10/t premium [over Indian and Chinese material], not more than that.”

The Japanese mill is capable of producing narrower than 700mm width, which gives it an advantage versus rivals. Taiwan-based CSC is capable of producing the same size.

In Egypt, HRC export prices are reported to have dropped for re-rolling grade to $910-920/t fob for end-January delivery. Last week, this price was $980/t fob. The country's sole HRC producer, Ezz Steel, is heard revising its prices and not offering this week.

"Ezz holds a big advantage in the Saudi market due to its proximity and for producing thinner-than-1.5mm HRC, but it does not benefit from this. It makes spot sales and is not consistent and sustainable in the Saudi market,” comments a trader.

Burak Odabasi Turkey
Interpipe Reports MoM Decline in Pipe Sales in October

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
25 Nov, 2021, 4:58 am

Ukrainian producer of steel pipes and railway products Interpipe said that trading activity both in pipe and railway product segments slowed down after consecutive months of continuous growth mainly due to a pattern and schedule of deliveries. Overall pipe product sales declined 33.9% MoM but still remained 16.6% YoY higher for the first ten months 2021

OCTG sales fell by 64.2% MoM across all main markets. Supplies muted following their peak in September as some volumes were shifted to November. However, on the YoY basis for the first ten months 2021 sales volumes more than doubled

Line pipe sales volumes contracted by 24.8% MoM after a record volume sold in September. Sales for the first ten months 2021 went up by 5.6% YoY

Mechanical pipe sale decreased by 25.8% MoM due to decline in sale to Ukraine and Belarus. Besides, there were sales to Saudi Arabia in September which made this month a high base for comparison. Sales volumes since the start of the year had risen by 37.0% YoY

Welded pipe sales hiked by 54.6% MoM primarily amid larger supplies of small diameter pipes to Europe as well as to the domestic market. Sales for the first ten months 2021 subdued by 32.3% YoY affected by sky-rocketed HRC prices earlier this year

Sales volumes of railway products showed MoM decline of 18.8% following lower sales to the CIS and pause in the delivery schedule to India (8% of total sales volumes was sold there in September). For the first ten months 2021 sales volumes of railway products underperformed by 12.7% YoY, however the gap in volumes vs 2020 has been gradually narrowing.
Jindal Steel to Procure Max 224 MW of Renewable Power

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
25 Nov, 2021, 5:00 am

Jindal Steel Jajpur has invite bids for the procurement of 224 MW of renewable power for interstate or intrastate trading through the open access route. The deadline for bid submission is November 30, 2021. Power will be procured by the company from generators, state electricity boards, independent power producers, and traders who possess a valid interstate or intrastate trading license issued by the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) or state electricity regulatory commissions. Tenders will be opened on December 5, 2021.

The company aims to meet its additional power requirements due to the expansion of its plant capacity from December 1, 2022, to November 30, 2025.
Mechel Reports Operational & Financial Results

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
25 Nov, 2021, 5:02 am

Russian miner & steel maker Mechel has announced operational & financial results for Jul- September 2021 quarter and 9 months of 2021. Mechel PAO's Chief Executive Officer Mr Oleg Korzhov said “The Group’s consolidated revenue in 3Q2021 amounted to 102.9 billion rubles, down 5% quarter-on-quarter. EBITDA was 31.9 billion rubles, also down 5% quarter-on-quarter. EBITDA margin remained at 31%. The decrease in our steel division's financial results made the main influence on the dynamics of the Group’s results. This year's third quarter was characterized by weaker trends on the steel market. As export duties were imposed, steelmakers tried their best to re-orient their output for domestic market. As a result, after the prices peaked in June, oversupply cut prices, particularly rebars prices went down at the average rate of 10% monthly during the third quarter. That led to lower sales volumes and financial results.”

Production (thousand tonnes)

Coal - 2,933 in Q3 down 1% QoQ & 8,537 in 9M down 35%

Pig iron - 790 in Q3 down 1% QoQ & 2,358 in 9M down 11%

Steel - 891 in Q3 down up 2% QoQ & 2,615 in 9M down 1%

Mr Korzhov added “This year’s third quarter will be written into the history of international commodity markets as anomalous, as it saw a price rally both unprecedented in scale and unexpected for industry players. For example, the price of premium coking coal FOB Australia more than doubled in this quarter and firmly reached USD 400 per tonne. The price for premium coking coal CFR China set a new record in the last week of September, jumping yet another psychological barrier of USD 600 per tonne.”

Coking coal concentrate sales went down 30% in 3Q2021 as mining decreased at Neryungrinsky Open Pit due to difficult geological conditions at stoping areas, as well as the fact that in 2Q2021 sales involved accumulated coal stockpiles of which there were practically none left by the third quarter. The same factors were at play for the overall sales of thermal coal, which declined by 10% in the third quarter. PCI and anthracite sales remained on the previous reporting period’s level.

Iron ore concentrate sales went down 12% due to repairs at Korshunov Mining Plant’s washing plant. The facility has accumulated major ore stockpiles which will be processed into saleable product in the next reporting periods. In 3Q2021, the plant shipped 16,000 tonnes of iron ore concentrate to third-party buyers, which is a 108-percent increase quarter-on-quarter.

Coke sales in 3Q2021 went down 8% due to stockpiles having been sold off in the previous quarter. Besides, shipment of one of the contract shiploads was put off until the fourth quarter. However, trends in the coke market remain favorable.

Pig iron and steel output remained largely at the previous quarter’s level. This reporting period saw a downward trend for average market prices for rolled steel as demand from the construction industry, steelwork producers, metalworking factories and machine-builders slumped. We think this logically followed the spike in demand for steel products seen in the second quarter, when consumers formed reserves sufficient for their needs.
Steel Dynamics Appoints Mr Luis M Sierra as New Board Member

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
25 Nov, 2021, 5:05 am

US steel maker Steel Dynamics Inc announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Mr Luis M Sierra as an independent member of the Company's Board of Directors. The appointment is for the balance of a one-year term ending May 2022, coinciding with the Company's regularly scheduled Annual Meeting of Stockholders. Mr Luis Sierra, age 58, will serve as an independent director of Steel Dynamics and will also serve as a member of the Steel Dynamics Compensation Committee.

From July 2020 through present, Mr Sierra serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of NOVA Chemicals Corporation, with annual 2020 revenues of USD 3.2 billion and 2,400 worldwide team members. NOVA is a Canadian-based privately held company with operations in Canada and the United States, producing ethylene, polyethylene, and other chemical co-products. Prior to this time, Mr Sierra had an over 30-year career with BP, holding various leadership positions, including most recently from 2013 to 2016 as the President of BP Aromatics, Americas, Europe and Middle East, and from 2016 to 2020 as the Chief Executive Officer of BP Global Aromatics, a $5 billion global chemicals business.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida, a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, and an MBA in Business Administration from the University of Chicago. He does not sit on any other public company boards.
HK Steel Trader Secures Export Facility from Tradewind Finance

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
25 Nov, 2021, 5:08 am

Hong Kong based Tradewind Finance has closed a USD 20 million export factoring facility for a steel trading company based in Hong Kong. The facility, in addition to the steel trader's significant existing borrowing facilities, will be used to support the company's growing international trade requirements, primarily to the US and Europe and upcoming trade deals based in South America and Southeast Asia. Tradewind's scalable financing solutions will allow the company to pursue large, international orders

The Hong Kong-based company, established 15 years ago, maintains local trading offices in major cities across the world and provides a variety of high-quality steel products and solutions for application across various industries. The company considered availing non-collateralized, trade-based facilities with Tradewind when it was suddenly faced with buyer payment extension requests and a surge in orders from both new and existing relationships.
US DOC Determines AD Duty Rate for HR Imports from Japan

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
25 Nov, 2021, 5:11 am

US Department of Commerce preliminarily determined that Nippon Steel Corporation from Japan, sold subject merchandise in the United States at prices below normal value during the period of review October 1, 2019, through September 30, 2020. In addition, Commerce preliminarily determined that Honda Trading Canada Inc (Honda) and Mitsui & Co Ltd had no shipments during the POR. In this review, US Department of Commerce preliminarily calculated a weighted-average dumping margin for NSC that is not zero, de minimis, or determined entirely on the basis of facts available. Accordingly, US Department of Commerce preliminarily has assigned to companies not individually examined a margin of 26.81 percent, which is Nippon Steel Corporation's calculated weighted-average dumping margin.

US Department of Commerce is conducting an administrative review of the antidumping duty order on hot-rolled steel from Japan. US Department of Commerce initiated this administrative review on December 8, 2020 covering twenty-nine producers and/or exporters. US Department of Commerce selected Nippon Steel Corporation as mandatory respondent.

We preliminarily determine the following weighted-average dumping margins for the period October 1, 2019, through September 30, 2020:
Tsingshan’s Dinson Iron & Steel Secures Environmental Approval

Strategic Research Institute
Published on :
25 Nov, 2021, 5:14 am

The Herald reported that Zimbawe’s Environment Management Authority granted approval to Chinese nickel and steel producer Tsingshan Holding Group’s subsidiary Dinson Iron and Steel Company to start operations of its mining & steel making project in Selous in Mashonaland West province in Zimbabwe. After getting the Environment Impact Assessment from Environment Management Authority, the company has moved to start operations with the objective of eliminating any harmful impact, not only on the environment but also on the people. The project includes an iron ore mine, coke ovens, ferrochrome plant and steel plant of 1.2 million tonnes capacity and is expected to generate USD 1.5 billion turnovers with commissioning scheduled by December 2022. A new town will be created between Mvuma-Chivhu and Manhize of Zimbabwe

Dinson has undertaken to pre-finance the construction of the line, in case Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority does not have the capacity to do so and finalising a Transmission Connection Agreement with them.
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